Multiple Choice Questionnaire for Checking your Posture 

Posture is the way you carry your body in space. Different organisms carry their bodies as per the blueprint created for them by nature. Same way, the way the human body is postured must synchronize with its natural blueprint or the construct. The basic purpose of carrying the body in a correct posture is to allow right positioning to the various body systems, parts so that they can achieve maximum efficiency in their respective functions. 


The body can function with maximum efficiency only when its organ systems remain at an optimal angle and distance from each other and also in relation to gravity. In fact, the most significant factor that makes checking ones' posture crucial is gravity; the alignment of the body parts with each other in relation to the gravity is what makes a right or a wrong posture.  The muscles of the skeletal system constantly work to keep the body erect against the pull of the gravity. Aging process can also be defined as the victory of the pull of gravity over the ability of the skeletal muscles to resist it. 

Why should you Check your posture?

A majority of diseases and medical conditions afflicting humanity today some where have their roots in the wrong posture, the wrong way people carry themselves in their day to day living. How to check your posture? what is the right posture? are the questions which wallow in all the minds which are interested in healthy living. A number of good yoga sessions  have their flows structured around correcting the posture before moving into higher yoga processes and practices. a correct posture is that important, why?


Because a hunching spine negatively affects the mind by generating negative emotions, the feeling of anxiety, depression, and anger have been found to be more in individuals who carry themselves with a hunch in the spine. This also compresses the lungs, the heart reducing their overall breathing, and pumping capacities respectively. The displacement of various organs from their optimal positions creates friction among their relative functions giving birth to diseases like diabetes. A stooped spine has a direct link to decreased confidence levels

The wrong alignment of joints in a bad posture is responsible for their wear and tear leading to arthritis. You must check your posture on regular intervals in order to be able to arrest any anomalies in case present. One must first know what a right standing posture is so that one can have a reference point for one's own posture at any given time. Yoga techniques for correcting the posture if practiced regularly are very effective in rectifying any related defects. 

Ones you have understood the significance of a good posture, check your posture by taking the posture test laid out here. We will send you the results for free via the email you will provide us with this test.

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