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Honest feedbacks are crucial to the working of any setup, as unless we will know how you feel about our yoga classes, how will we improve or strive to live up to your expectations. We at Shahzadpur Farm Yoga always value honest and genuine feedback on our teaching styles, the structure of the class, flow of the class, quality of our instructors and overall learning potential from our  Yoga classes. We pay attention and improvise upon, where ever suggested, to each feedback we receive.  Please feel free to give your suggestions and inputs in the suggestions area as we firmly believe that learning moves parallel to teaching in any sphere. Coming from different backgrounds, and experiences with other yoga or fitness classes our clients are the best people to guide us towards building the best yoga classes available in the region. 


The format of the feedback form given below is of multiple choice type. You can choose the best alternative from the options given below each statement. You can also just pick up the phone and let us know about how we are doing. Feedback helps close the learning loop, and we have made changes to keep up with the expectations of our clients, the satisfaction levels of our clients can be fathomed from the verbal feedbacks, video feedbacks we receive from them from time to time.  Do let us know how far, or near do we stand from meeting the personal goals you had entered our yoga classes with.  In order to keep it convenient for you, most of the questions can be answered just by the click of the mouse, only the section on suggestions would require a bit of pondering on your part, and this will be the most significant section for us as it will be your independent thought on us.

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Contact - Randeep Singh

Location - Mumbai

Pasmil Training Centre, Sidharth Hotel, S.V. Road,

Bandra West, Mumbai / Yoga Retreat

Ph - +919930554382

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