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May 31, 2017

How can I fit yoga in my fast paced lifestyle?


Edited: Apr 9

Earmarking a consistent time frame for the yoga practice is becoming next to impossible as our lives are moving deeper into the whirlwind of our fast paced life styles. Do you think its possible? Yes it is very much possible.

Yoga as a concept is so profound and flexible that it can be turned, twisted or pushed in ways which can fit into our worst possible daily schedules and lifestyles.


To start with begin with the "WILL" to making yoga a part of your life, then start treading the way generated by the Will by first and foremost getting more organised at whatever you do.


Most of the time our brain remains scattered, unable to focus on anything, on account of us being pathetically disorganised. Being organised will create extra time for you similar to the extra space generated on the hard disk of a computer after the function disk clean has been put to action.


Once you have this extra time, next step would be start training your Mind ( may take some time as its normally used to otherwise) to slow down from within itself irrespective of the urgencies and confusions on the outside. For achieving this first you need to start being aware of and accept the level of perplexity your Mind is at present.


Start with the awareness exercise when you are between the hardcore activities - which demand complete participation of your Mind - of any given day: while travelling to and from work, Sipping coffee in the office cafeteria or during lunch break ( tell yourself this time is for my own self ). Moreover the circadian clock ensures that human Mind remains calmer ( lethargic) and steadier in the late afternoon hours - no one in any corporate actually works productively within that span - use that time to ponder on state of your Mind for the day.


Once you have started mapping your Mind patterns you are ready to move further on this path..........


Further inputs please? share your suggestions or real life examples from the rich repertoire of many of our experiences and how you do it your way. Let us all benefit from the same :)





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