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Today, the entire world seems to be stressed out, pushed to the limits in every possible way: population spurt,  greed, anger, jealousy, work place environment, and the daily targets to be met. Stress is being touted as the real cause behind all  ailments being faced by humans today. What is stress after all ? Put simply, its similar to what a loaded truck experiences while being pushed to trundle uphill in a low gear. Its the result of the friction being created by the two opposing forces: the demand for speed and the load carrying capacity of the truck.  The expectations from the human life are no different today,  most of us are stressed out. 


Though stress is the buzz world of the fitness, wellness industry today, and stress can actually kill you, but very few would advice you to take a stress test on your own in order to know  where you stand on the continnum of stress levels. Quantifying your stress would help you to take preventive and remedial actions before the real damage can set it.  Today, Yoga sessions at studios  run special slots for managing stress with yoga. The first benefit of any type of yoga which strikes its practitioner is the reduction of stress levels. A yoga practice, no matter of what short duration it would be, will provide instant stress relief as a bonus to the practitioner. 


Due to the heavy demands of the corporate world on its employees, any discussion on  yoga at work place has become synonymous with yoga for stress management. Corporates are today hiring behavioral professionals for exposing their employees to behavioral techniques for handling anger, one of the major generators of  stress at office. Human endocrine system is the first casuality of the stressed out nerves; this means stress penetrates each corner of the human body through the nervous and endocrine systems creating a number of  maladies related to them. Stress is even known to cause teeth grinding, bruxism, a common threat to dental health. Stress is being hailed as a number one killer in modern world by international health organisations today. 


Take the stress test given below and know where do you stand at present. We will mail you for free your free score and links to articles  on how to manage your stress the yoga way. 

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