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All Sankhya Karika list Links,  Complete Topics on Samkhya Philosophy

Samkhya Karika 20 | The Qualities of Purusha and Prakriti appear Intermixed due to Proximity

Samkhya Karika 19 | Purusha is Alone, Witness, non-Doer, and Neutral by Nature

Samkhya karika 18 | Multiple Purushas with Individual Purposes exist not one

Samkhya Karika 17 | What Purpose has the World Emerged for?

Samkhya Karika 16 | The cause of the Universe is the Mula Prakriti

Samkhya Karika 15 | The nature of Effect can be Different from the Cause

Samkhya Karika 14 | The nature of Manifest is same as that of Unmanifest

Samkhya Karika 13 | The Purpose Three Gunas come Together for

Samkhya Studies | Evolution of Prakriti into Matter

Samkhya Karika 12 | Three Guna's Nature which make Prakriti

Samkhya Karika 11 | Purusha and Prakriti are Different

Samkhya Karika 10 | Attributes of Manifest and Unmanifest Prakriti

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