Yoga Weekends near Chandigarh




Yoga Classes on Weekends near Chandigarh

We provide Yoga Classes on all weekends for people who are not free on weekdays otherwise but are still passionate about yoga. We provide General yoga classes, therapy classes, and meditation sessions on all weekdays as per the schedule listed here.

Ours are the best yoga weekends classes near Chandigarh, about 45 kms toward East, as our yoga sessions have been specifically designed to provide maximum benefits of doing yoga outdoors, by getting in sync with the nature.

One can either enroll for all the 8 classes on four weekends of a month for INR 1000, or one can even take a single class for INR 125.

Our yoga sessions on weekends also include gardening sessions where in you can cultivate your own vegetables in the space earmarked for you and reap the fruits later for your self. These activities help connect you with the earth element so that the related benefits can be availed from.

The yoga weekends classes near Chandigarh, at Shahzadpur, involve life coaching through yoga philosophy, Spending time with the Retreat animals and experiencing the yoga way of life in the natural environment of the yoga center retreat at Shahzadpur.

Depending on your interest we also conduct walks in the adjoining fields and nearby Shivalik Hills where we discuss and delve upon various yoga concepts and ways to incorporate them in your day to day living.

For more details you can call up at +919930554382