Yoga Science

Bile, Secretion

Bile, Secretion, Functions and Medical Problems areas  Bile is a thick, bitter, yellow,  or greenish fluid made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder. Released from the gall bladder into the small intestine in response to the presence of food, it is essential to the digestion of fats. It is also part of the …

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Deltoid Muscle

Deltoid Muscle, Details of Anatomy and Functions Explained The three prominent, finger like undulating parallel bulges runing from over the shoulders to the lateral side of the upper arms never go unoticed as symbols of muscular strength, which are responsible for imparting the  exaggerated rounded outline to the shoulders are deltoid muscles. These muscles take …

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Abduction and Adduction

Difference between the Yoga Movements of Abduction and Adduction Practicing yoga is not like any other mode of exercise where in just repeating a particular manoever  a number of times, without understanding it,  is expected to yield the desired results.   At practice level yoga is more about involving the mind in its techniques, understanding the basic movements …

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