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Our Yoga classes provide Yoga teaching in class, and other related services to the aspirants, under our Ashtanga Yoga Classes, in Mumbai Services category.

We train on  Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga and Yoga for managingvarious medical conditions.

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We strictly adhere to Patanjali’s classical Yoga system, Ashtanga Yoga as a base for all our teachings. Our  Patanjali yoga classes in Mumbai include Bhavas (attitudes) in our yoga asana practice. We also run our  Classes as a  Retreat Yoga near Chandigarh. The retreat center has its own unique advantages for learning yoga.

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Our Yoga in Mumbai teachers are certified ( 900 Hours) in the classical yogic system ( Ashtanga yoga) from one of the oldest Yoga institute’s in the world, The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai. At our Ashtanga Yoga classes in Mumbai, India classes we help people reconcile back into the lifestyle which they are naturally structured to always be in.  Our teaching comprises of everything required for leading a healthy yogic life: Meditation; Yoga Asana; Pranayamas; Yoga sutras; cleansing techniques; yogic diet, how to include Yoga in daily routine, Yogic thinking and Yogic healthy lifestyle.

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Yoga Techniques

Visit the Yoga techniques section for knowing, in detail, about all the yoga techniques we use in our Ashtanga yoga in Mumbai classes. Hatha yoga techniques like asanas, pranayamas, Kriyas, mudras, and bandhas have been included in this section.  You will find detailed section on alignments, contradictions, breathing pattern, and benefits of each one of the techniques mentioned here. The flow of the techniques as mentioned is instructional in  nature, one can simultaneously read and perform the technique on one’s own. 

Yoga Therapy

This section has all the details about the major diseases, medical conditions, and which of the yoga techniques can help one manage those medical conditions. One can choose a particular disease one needs to know about  from the index  provided and reach the page where the particular disease would be described in detail along with the yoga techniques to practice for healing oneself from that medical condition. In another words this is the yoga therapy section where the information for the treatment, management of different diseases with yoga is provided. 

Samkhya Philosophy

Samkhya Philosophy and Yoga Philosophy http hand in hand, rather each compliment the other in multiple aspects. Our teachings at our Ashtanga Yoga classes in Mumbai include Samkhya concepts, this helps our students get better clarity as Samkhya adds empirical analysis to the yoga concepts. Each Samkhya Karika is explained in a very simple and lucid manner for the benefit of our students who join our yoga classes.

Science of Yoga

Yoga is a science in every aspect. Our Science of Yoga section is an attempt to validate this statement. Here, you will find articles on anatomy of human body with respect to yoga. Each concept of Yoga, however cryptic it may sound is validated empirically. The principles of science do not suffice in explaining yoga concepts like the mind, consciousness, prana etc., when placed along day to day phenomenon these are easy to comprehend.