Natural Tranquilizers

Natural Tranquilizers, learn to Relax with Nature and its elements. Stress relief that works round the clock Weekend vacation haven’t worked for you. Neither have month long annual holidays, or family get togethers. or goofing off from work to watch the favorite program on TV. Try out the natural tranquilizers instead. Are you beyond the …

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Chiropractor or osteopath?

Chiropractor or Osteopath? What do they Do? How are they different? Difference between a chiropractor and a osteopath? Chiropractor focus on joint and muscles pain. They are mainly in adjustment of vertebrae of spine disorder. where as osteopath uses to treat broader range of disorders. That is the only difference in chiropractor and osteopath.

Meditation challenge

Meditation challenge No discussion on health & wellness ever end without mentioning meditation. It has become a kind of fad in the fitness / wellness industry. You will find meditation groups active everywhere. But is meditating that easy? Do we really understand meditation? Let us share our understanding of meditation out of our experiences if …

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Yoga teacher training in india.

Yoga teacher training in india. There is so many institutes for<a href=> Yoga Teacher Training In India</a>. . I want to suggest that <a href=>Sharada yoga peeth </a>is one of the institutes which provides all courses of yoga.