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Test Your Self, Health Tests from

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It is always beneficial to know the

present state of various parameters

in our lives, that are responsible for

a healthy and fruitful living.

Unless we know where we are standing now,

we would never know how far more we need to progress,

in order to reach our destination or personal goals. Same goes true for regularly monitoring our health parameters. As per Yoga, an individual is not just a physical being; emotional, spiritual, social and psychological aspects are equally valued while considering the overall health status. Test your self becomes crucial in this regards.

Here you can check the present state of some of these aspects by taking simple self-tests, with multiple choice questions, in order to become more aware of yourself. Being aware is Yoga. One can only change, improve if one is aware of the areas one needs, wants to improve. The tests have been designed to cover up all the major parameters of a single aspect so that you can get a fairly decent picture of where you stand at present. 

We will mail you the evaluation of the test taken along with the tips on how to immediately start improving yourself in the given area. This service is absolutely free from our end as the main intention here is to encourage individuals to start being aware of themselves and take their first steps toward turning their lives in a positive direction. Our Yoga sessions are designed to decrease the gap between your present scores from these tests and what they should be. You can also refer to our Yoga poses and processes section that are taught in our Yoga classes in order to achieve your fitness targets faster. 

Find below the areas these tests would be covered in a nutshell.

  Check your posture  – Feet alignment, knee alignment, pelvic tilt, and alignment, lower back spinal curve, the position of the chest and the shoulders, Alignment of the neck and the head. Know more about the nitty-gritty of how to hold yourself in a correct posture in our articles on yoga section.

How stressed are you –  possible factors that may be causing stress: lifestyle choices, diet, emotional health, social health, workplace environment, happiness quotient,  wrong priorities etc. 

Dental IQ Test

Stress Test

How well do you know your lungs?‚Äč

How Well do you know your Ears?

How Well do you know your Nose?

Are you a Positive or Negative Thinker?

How Well do you know your Brain?

How well do you now your Heart?

How well do you know your Skin?