Frequently Asked Questions on Our Yoga Facility

Mumbai – Frequently Asked Questions                         

One of the most frequently asked questions –

Q1- Can I take a Free Trial Class

before I would want to decide on Joining it?

A 1 – Yes you can avail one free trial class

with prior confirmation, before you would

want to decide on joining a regular class.

Q2- What  are the timings  and days of the classes at the Studio?

A 2 – Each class is of one hour duration



7:30 pm to 8: 30 pm

Q3- What are the charges for the Yoga Classes happening at the Studio?

A 3 – Rs 3000 for 12 classes in a Month, 3 classes per week on alternate days.

Q4- What are the charges for classes conducted at the clients place/home?

A 4 – The charges for yoga at home at clients place are given below.

Rs 6000 for 12 sessions in a month, 3 sessions per week on alternate days. 

you can book these classes either directly  at personal yoga trainer at home in Mumbai, or on call at 9930554382 

Q5- What if I miss a class on some days?

A 5- You can make up classes cancelled from your side, on different days other than the days, time alloted to you, or  at different time slots on the same day.

You need to finish the 12 sessions within a month.

In case you want to join for lesser number of classes in a month, depending on our availability, you can reduce your monthly number of classes and pay for that much only. 

Q6- How do I cancel my class?

A 6- In case the client wants to cancel the class due to his/ her non availability due to any unavoidable circumstances, any of the trainers need to be informed on the same at least 4 hours before the class is due to start via mail, whatsapp, message or a phone call.

Q7- How is a general class structured?

A 7- A general Yoga class structure and flow is:

  1. Conditioning
  2. Asanas
  3. Relaxation techniques
  4. Pranayamas 

Q8- What is the class size at the Studio?

A 8- The class size at the Yoga studio for our yoga classes in bandra West is 10 students at the maximum, much less than the recommended ideal size of the yoga class for the given space, making one to one interaction along with client specific customization possible from our end. Each class would have 2 trainers to make this more effective.

Q9- What days would be considered as holidays for the year 2021?

A 9 – All Sundays would be taken as non working

The below mentioned dates  in 2021 would be non working days. The classes which would be falling on these dates can be made up on any other days , subject to availability of the chosen time slots, within the same monthly cycle.

26th January – Republic Day

2nd March – Holi Festival

15th August – Independence Day

23rd September – Anant Chaturthi

19th October  – Dussera Festival

7th November –  Diwali Festival

25th December – Christmas Festival 

Q10- Is there a dress code to be adhered to during the class?

A 10 – Students need to be in any comfortable, decent clothing which allows for free movement of the body parts.

T Shirts and full length lowers are recommended. The length of the T shirt or top must be not less than upto the hip level as this makes it comfortably possible for it to be tucked in during inversions. 

Lowers to be worn must be having waist bands higher at the  waist level.

Any particular type of footwear is not needed in the class. It is better to take the class barefooted as it helps with establishing a proper grip on the mat/floor essential for a lot of techniques so performed. 

Q11- When should the payment be made?

A 11 – The payment must be made on the first day of joining the class, and on the first day of every subsequent cycle starting thereafter.

Q12- What kind of  yoga is being taught in our Yoga classes?

A 12 – Our Yoga instructors  at Shahzadpur Farm Yoga hold certifications of Yoga on Patanjali’s classical yoga known as Ashtanga Yoga. At our Yoga classes in Bandra West the Yoga processes we teach are a mix of Patanjali and other schools of Yoga. Our teachings revolve around the effect of Yoga on the body via the concept of Mind

Q13- What is the privacy policy, and the  terms and conditions of Shahzadpur farm Yoga?

A 12 – We have declared our  policy on privacy for data collection which has been detailed out in clear  and simple terms on this website. Terms of engagement with us have been detailed on this website.

Retreat near Chandigarh – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1- Where is the Yoga Retreat near Chandigarh exactly located?

A 1 – Our  Yoga Retreat near Chandigarh is located in the Shivalic Himalyan foot hills some 45 Kms from  Sector 17 Chandigarh. We are right on the Chandigarh- Panchkula – Haridwar highway located near the village of Shahzadpur. 

Directions to reach the Yoga Retreat near Chandigarh

Contact & Exact address of the Yoga Retreat

Q2- What types of Yoga classes are conducted at the Yoga Retreat near Chandigarh?

A 2 – The following mentioned yoga classes/ Yoga camps categories are conducted at the yoga retreat:-

General Yoga Classes – We conduct general Ashtanga Yoga Classes of one hour duration each on all week days. The clients can choose their time slots as per their convenience. Clients can either book a monthly plan at the yoga retreat near Chandigarh, or just a single one time drop in class as per their convenience.

Weekend Yoga Classes – We also conduct weekends yoga classes near Chandigarh for our clients from nearby cities & towns. Clients can either book a  Weekends monthly plan, which covers all the weekends in a month, or a single Drop in class on a weekend as per their convenience. 

Yoga Camps near Chandigarh – Yoga camps for managing various medical conditions are conducted at the yoga retreat on all weekends. Bookings for these camps can be done on phone, in person, or online. 

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh for Diabetes

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh for Hypertension

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh for Joints & Bone problems

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh for Asthma

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh on Pre-Post Natal care

Yoga Camp near Chandigarh for A Healthy Heart