The Science behind Yoga, Anatomy of Fitness

Yoga Anatomy for a Healthy body & Fitness

Yoga is a science, each and every

aspect of yoga, can be explained within

the principles of science.

One needs to understand the physics, chemistry,

and the anatomy behind each movement which is made.

Movements of yoga are not random,

they have been designed by keeping in mind the natural anatomy, and kinesiology of the body. 

Each yoga pose , if the concept of yoga posture is understood properly, has a logic behind it:  yoga poses are meant to provide a push to the circulation within the body at the point where the body contracts, and create space for receiving the contents that are so pushed by relaxing the region ahead of the contraction towards the direction of the flow. The nervous system is nothing but the grid, a  network for the flow of electrical impulses (nerve signals) throughout the body.  

Heaving motion of the lungs, the beating of the heart and working of the mind all follow the known rules of physics and chemistry. Digestion is purely a chemical process which helps absorb the fuel, which keeps the body running, from the environment around an individual.

Likewise, act as the endocrine system is nothing but a cauldron of fizzing chemicals which messengers of the mind to different parts of the body. Their is a definite scientific logic behind stress and the problem of teeth grinding, moreover stress can kill the person affected by it in a sequence of real empirical processes. Turning your thinking positive with yoga is again a scientifically repeatable process. 

Yoga healthy lifestyle  supports the very much scientific basis of oral hygiene, still, there are myriads of biological processes like the working of the mind, and the event of death which the science has still not been able to arrest within the parameters of it laboratory instruments.

Here is where Yoga comes in, Yogis have from ancient times practiced austere lifestyles keeping in tune with the tenets of Yoga and have experienced the footprints of life beyond the physical body.

Evolution of the Universe is Science in Yoga

Samkhya, one of the systems of philosophy which explain the origin of the universe, literally means number. It is purely a science of quantifying each step of the evolution of the Mind, and the related universe.  

Quantification of the steps enables the understanding of the process of evolution of Prakriti even in the reverse order, establishing the truth behind its dictates. Samkhya philosophy is built on the scientific premise of  cause and effect theory.

Here an attempt has been made to explain, as far as possible the scientific bases of how the teachings of Yoga work on one’s life through one’s body. 

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