Video Gallery, Understanding Yoga Graphically, Youtube Channel

Video Gallery:

The combination of audio and the

visuals known as a “video”,

is the best mode of communication

for expressing, teaching, learning, or connecting

with others in today’s’ world. 

A video gallery is more engaging than any other mode,

as it tickles at the same time the auditory

and visionary senses adding an extra punch

to the experience one has of the message it is meant to put across. 

We at Shahazadpur Farm Yoga run our channel on youtube in the name of Shahzadpur Farm yoga, the owner and the master trainer for our Yoga teaching sessions. The main intent of starting this channel is to present the yoga concepts in a simple, effective and interestingly understandable mode.

The categories of videos our viewers can expect from our youtube channel are videos on feedbacks we receive from our client testimonials on our yoga classes, implementing the concepts of Yoga in our daily life, videos on yoga & meditation, step by step videos on how to do Yoga at home the right way, a series of videos on yoga for the beginners, and the videos on the yoga processes and concepts presented in various sections of this website. 

Video Gallery on Client Testimonials –   Our clients who have been with us for more than two months are requested by us to speak a bit on how they feel about our yoga classes. The videos are around 1 minute long wherein the clients speak extempore, and we make sure that the video is uploaded on the web unedited.  Editing is only used to smoothen the rough edges or to make the videos crispier and target oriented. 

Videos on Yoga in daily life – Our camera is always hungry for the way people in generally move and carry themselves around while going through the daily rigors of life. We present these movements and elaborate on why, and how should it be of these actions in order for us to have a prolonged and healthy life. Body reading through the eyes of Yoga is extensively used in these explanations.

Videos on doing Yoga at home – These are the videos which are specially designed keeping in mind the nature of the wrong knowledge the common man possesses related to Yoga, but still want to practice it in the privacy of their homes.

The videos for yoga at home contain detailed information on doing the asana the right way with details on right alignments and precautions to be followed for each yoga technique explained therein. Extra information with examples from daily life is added for simplifying the concepts of Yoga for the layman. These videos are also linked to the related articles on this website detailing the same yoga technique. 

Apart from these videos we also have yoga videos solely, directly uploaded on this website on the related pages.


Watch the Video Gallery from our Youtube channel on Yoga here