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Terms & Conditions, Shahzadpur Farm Yoga



Here are listed the general terms and conditions of engagement with the services of Shahzadpur Farm Yoga. 

  • Students can make up Yoga classes canceled from their side, on different days other than the days, the time allotted to you, or at different time slots on the same day.


  • Students need to finish the 12 sessions within a month.


  • In the case on any rare occasion, the class is canceled from our side, that class will be made up at the end of the running cycle.


  • The mentioned 12 sessions need to be made by the client they are attributed to and are not transferable to a different client in any case.


  • Students need to be in any comfortable, decent clothing which allows for free movement of the body parts.


  • T-Shirts and full length lowers are recommended. The length of the T-shirt or top must be not less than up to the hip level as this makes it comfortably possible for it to be tucked in during inversions. 


  • Lowers to be worn must be having waistbands higher at the waist level.


  • Any particular type of footwear is not needed in the class. It is better to take the class barefooted as it helps with establishing a proper grip on the mat/ floor essential for a lot of techniques so performed. 


  • The payment must be made on the first day of joining the class, and on the first day of every subsequent cycle starting thereafter


Refund / Cancellation Policy


  • In case the client wants to cancel the class due to his/ her non-availability due to  any unavoidable circumstances, any of the trainers need to be informed on the same at least 4 hours before the class is due to start via mail, WhatsApp, message or a phone call

  • The Shahzadpur Farm Yoga follows no refund policy across all its services provided.



Please mail any queries related to the above at