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Randeep Singh

One of the feathers in our Yoga trainer

profile of Randeep Singh is that,

he has done a 900 hours Yoga certificate,

from one of the oldest organized yoga institutes in the world,

The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai.

He has been teaching Yoga to all age groups for the last 7 years.

He also works as a yoga teacher at our Yoga studio for our  Mumbai yoga Classes. Armed with an overall experience of 15 years in training techniques( In various corporates) he is adept at customizing the sessions as per the individual’s needs.

He conducts Stress Management sessions for corporates along with medical yoga workshops in Mumbai. He is a post-graduate in Mass Communications and firmly believes that a productive human interaction can be transformational and fulfilling for everyone involved.

He has always been a fitness enthusiast and is a nature & animal lover and also with having a streak of interest in graphic arts like sketching & painting. He also trains on Power yoga and Vinyasa yoga.

Aditi Rao

Coming from a family with a strong spiritual bend, yogic philosophy came naturally to her. To enhance her abilities, she has trained as professional yoga teacher. She has done a comprehensive 7 months – 900 hours –  teachers training course, from The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai & had aquired a deep knowledge of asana, human anatomy and philosophy.

She has also done an intensive one month TTC from the international Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai, India, culminating in an internationally recognized certification. She has also worked as an assistant teacher at the Yoga Institute. She holds an overall experience of 4 years in teaching Yoga to all age groups.

Aditi is a Yoga trainer at our Yoga in Mumbai Classes. she practices bhakti-yoga and mantra yoga. She is an expert in teaching pranayama and meditation and helps design our training course program.

Contents of the Yoga Trainer Profile Certifications Training 

Our Yoga teachers have done their Yoga certifications from The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz East, Mumbai, and from The International Yoga Vedanta Centre, Madurai. 

At The Yoga Institute, comprehensive training for 900 hours was taken which extended to a span of one year. The Yoga certifications training comprised of a thorough study of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali with the subject matter experts. 

Two separate classes on yoga asanas ( practice) and the in-depth study of the techniques of Yoga asanas separately formed the course content at the yoga institute.  Theory classes on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali happened every week along with the practice and experience sharing sessions were conducted afterward. 

Classes on the  technical aspects of teaching Yoga were conducted every week wherein the student needed to prepare a concept and present it in front of the class which was then strictly evaluated by the subject matter experts present there who would then approve the presentation as ok or to be repeated in case it is not up to the mark. The training for yoga trainer profile  demanded 10 such class presentations for over the course of a year for one to be eligible for the final exams.

It was mandatory for the students of yoga certification to participate as volunteers in all the medical camps which happened at the Institute ( Asthma, Cardiac issues, endocrine irregularities, orthopaedic issues, Diabetes, personality development, pre and postnatal care) and get their work in the camps evaluated by the head teacher present as one of the eligibility criterion for giving the final exam for the yoga certifications. These camps are that part of the syllabus wherein the students learn about how to manage various medical conditions with yoga.

Theory and practical Yoga classes on various aspects of pranayamas were regularly held where a set of techniques was supposed to be learned and mastered by the students in each class.

The yoga trainer profile training  included a special class which happened thrice a week wherein a single topic from the Yoga concepts was discussed and debated openly, regulated by a teacher,  among the students, and then the students were expected to research on the topic and write their understanding of the same.

All the stipulated write-ups were supposed to be recorded in a notebook and signed by the respective teachers before the final exam for the yoga certifications can be undertaken by the student.

Every Sunday had a Satsang session wherein a topic related to Yoga was selected and the students were supposed to be preparing a presentation on the same in the form of a play, to be performed in front of the general public. A student was mandatorily required to be participating in various capacities for 6 satsangs over a period of 1 year before the final exam for the yoga certifications could be undertaken. 

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