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The Shahzadpur Farm Yoga's Retreat center is nestled within a fruits orchard,  located in the Himalayan foothills near Chandigarh in north India and are the best yoga in Ambala region, near Saha, classes. Located away from the madding crowd, the serene environs of the Yoga retreat seamlessly match up with the real essence of Yoga, and it's intent.  Our Yoga classes are the best answer to anyone looking for yoga camp near me, or yoga classes Chandigarh area.


We conduct our regular yoga learning sessions at our Yoga camps near at our Shahzad pur farm retreat. At the Yoga retreat near Chandigarh, we also conduct the day-long yoga camps for managing various medical conditions the yoga way. The medical conditions these camps cover are Asthma,  diabetes, Orthopaedic issues, Hypertension, Cardiac issues, personality development, and endocrine system issues. 

Our  medical camps at our yoga ashram near Naraingarh, Chandigarh, are considered the best by each local resident who is  looking for yoga camp near me as we make the participants experience the entire day the yoga way: which includes starting the day early, meditation, asanas, pranayamas, kriyas, relaxation techniques, medical talk, and the yoga diet plan. The ambience at the retreat helps enhance the sought after benefits of meditation and other yoga techniques.

Our Yoga teachers are trained  and certified for 900 hours on Patanjali's classical Yoga system, Ashtanga Yoga The Yoga retreat has proximity to Ambala, Saha, Naraingarh, and Chandigarh cities. Some of the guidelines recommended while doing pranayams are taken care of by default in the setting, and layout of the yoga center at Shahzadpur.                                                       


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Shahzadpur Farm Yoga Retreat Centre 

C/o Capt Raj kumar Chauhan, Saha road, 

Village - Shahzadpur

Teh - Naraingarh

Distt - Ambala,  State - Haryana,

India, Pin 134202

Contact Number  +919152293315

Email -

Patanjali Yoga Center near me at Shahzad pur, Saha, Naraingarh

The yoga procedures we use in our medical camps have been devised by amalgamating some of the best teachings of all the different schools of thought available to mankind today. The Patanjali Yoga center Near Saha, Naraingarh has its unique benefits for learning yoga and has been meticulously designed keeping in mind the basic tenets of the classical Yoga of Patanjali, wherein the central focus is on human Mind and its functions.  Our yoga instructors  completely understand the way yoga techniques work on the body as they improvise, and customize them as per  individual requirements. 

The ambiance of the retreat overflows with the rustic elements , being located in the interiors of Ambala district in Haryana, near Saha,  India, which helps soothe the anxious souls by tranquilizing the Mind on its own. The sprawling sugarcane and rice fields surrounding the campus of the retreat act as inducers of steadiness in the Mind of the campers year long. Yoga treats mind as different from brain.  The spiritual touch coming from the mango trees spread around the campus accentuate the impact, effect of Yoga being practiced here manifolds. 


The campers at our Yoga camps at the Shahzadpur  Yoga  center  near Ambala, Saha and Yoga classes Chandigarh have often expressed the difference they feel about this place just by being present here through their personal feedbacks to us. Passionate yoga teachers, innovative methods of teaching the yoga techniques, and the personal connection they feel with this place are some of their mentions in their testimonials on their experience with us. 


Another important factor that can only be experienced is the energy of our yoga teachers which gets translated to our  Patanjali yoga center near Chandigarh, Saha, Naraingarh. Ones you get consumed by this energy, no matter how entangled in the worldly affairs your mind is, no matter how low your self-esteem and your expectations from these  Yoga camps enter into your being like a lightning strike and pushes you into experiencing the ecstasy of real Yoga. Anyone  looking for yoga camp near me can try our classes once for free to know us better. 


Our campers who love expressing themselves through the written word can become our life long partners in learning as well as spreading their views on and about yoga through a free membership on this website for reading, sharing and writing their viewpoints through their articles in our blog section. In case you have any queries check our common queries section. Do not forget to see us in action in our Pictures and Videos sections.