All Sankhya Karika list Links,  Complete Topics on Samkhya Philosophy

Samkhya Philosophy is not only for

the intellectuals,

up till it is put across in easy to comprehend,

logical sequence.

Find here the index of all Samkhya Karika,

with the links to the corresponding Karika’s detailed explanation,

along with topics related to this ancient Indian Philosophy.

Samkhya Karika 43

Samkhya Karika 43 explains the nature of bhavas and the place they reside within a being. Understand their nature…
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Samkhya karika 42

Samkhya karika 42 explains how subtle body behaves like an actor and plays different roles by manifesting as gross body….
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Samkhya Karika 41

Samkhya Karika 41 talks about how the subtle body is like a easel supporting Buddhi like a painting kept…
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Samkhya Karika 40

Samkhya karika 40 describes the nature of Subtle body, its composition, and the fact that it transmigrate to other…
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Samkhya Karika 39

Samkhya Karika 39 talks about the evolution of the biological being the humans. For this it categorizes matter into three…
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Samkhya Karika 38

Samkhya karika 38 talks about the subtle and gross nature of Tanmatras and Mahabhutas respectively. The qualities of gross elements…
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Samkhya karika 37

Samkhay karika 37 explains that Buddhi is the principal sense organ. It creates and reflects experience on to Purusha and…
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Samkhya Karika 36

Samkhya Karika 36 compares all the indriyas collectively with a lamp and Buddhi as its light. This light is…
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Samkhya Karika 35

Samkhya Karika 35 explains the relationship between the internal and externa; sense organs as gate keepers and the gates….
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Samkhya Karika 34

Samkhya Karika 34, Nature of The Objects of 10 Sense Organs Samkhya Karika 34 text: Buddhi indriyani teshaam pancha vishesh-avishesh-vishyaani…

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Evolution of Prakriti

How does Prakriti Evolve into Matter as per Samkhya? Man has been striving to understand the nature of matter, which…

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Samkhya karika 33

Samkhya karika 33, Ten External Senses are Objects of Three Internal Senses Antah-karanam trividham dashadha baahyam trayasya vishayaakhyam | Saampratakaalam…

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Samkhya Karika 32,

Samkhya Karika 32, Sense Organs 13, Their Objects 10  Karanam trayodashvidham tad aaharana dharana prakashkaram I Kaaryam ch tasya dashadhaa…

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Samkhya Karika 31

Samkhya Karika 31, Sense faculties function for the Purusha Svaam svaam pratipadyante paraspara-akuta-hetukaam vrttim | Purushaartha eva heturna  kenachit  kaaryate…

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Samkhya Karika 30

Samkhya Karika 30, Four Organs Perceive Simultaneously, Successively Yugapach chatush tayasya tu vrittih kramashashcha tasya nirdishtaa I Drishte tathapyadrishte trayasya…

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