Best Online Yoga Classes, Easy on Video Call Mode

Technology has caught up with yoga learning, and teaching in a big way, The concept of online yoga classes, in video call mode, is more convenient and fits well into the erratic schedules of modern living.

Keeping with the trend we offer the best online yoga sessions, for our clients spread across the globe. We present our experience and expertise via our live online sessions minus any  technology induced compromise as far as the quality of our teaching is concerned. 

Yoga Classes online for Beginners: Our Instructors are certified to handle the specific needs of beginners in yoga. We train you on how to make the most out of the online Yoga Sessions

  • Certified / experienced yoga teachers.
  • Customized Class Structure.
  • Best Yoga Ashram near Chandigarh.
  • We are located 45 Kms from Panchkula.

Our Yoga teachers have customized our standard style of delivering instructions as per the unique requirements of an online yoga class. Our online yoga classes are held live, video call mode,  we don’t use pre-recorded videos for enhanced live interaction with the client, from out yoga studio, ashram via video conferencing facility using various platforms, Zoom, Skype, Google hangouts etc, for the same. Online learning has its own advantages in present era.  

Benefits of  Online Yoga on Video Call mode 

Take our online yoga sessions from anywhere in the world, at the place and time of your choosing.

We teach yoga techniques which strictly comply with the philosophy of Ashtanga Yoga expounded by the great sage Patanjali himself.

Our teaching methodology for the online yoga classes has been developed with the intent of preventing any possible dilution of the quality we offer for our online yoga sessions, the mode being a video call.

We offer various types of online classes on yoga one can choose from as per individual need:

Online yoga classes

Best Online Yoga Classes Details

Duration of the Online Yoga Class  – One Hour 

No. of participants in the online yoga class – only one to one, no group classes.

Mode of conducting the yoga class – connect via video Conferencing (Facetime or Whatsapp).

Conditioning – 5 Mins

Yoga Poses – 35 Mins

Relaxation – 10 Mins

Pranayama – 10 Mins

The online yoga class ends with Om Chanting.

Fees for  the Online Yoga Class – INR 6000 per head for 12 sessions in a month, 3 sessions in a week conducted on alternate days.

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Sadaf Makdoom

Best Online Yoga Classes I have ever Taken!

Hi, my name is Sadaf, and I have been taking this class since last one month. It has been a extremely beautiful process, and knowing my self, I really miss when I am not able to take the class. Even if I am at a late night party, the previous day, I would still want to wake up early the next day and take this class.