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How can our Yoga at Home Service in Mumbai Help?

Yoga does talk about keeping the sensitivities and sensibilities of people, seeking to learn this ancient manual of how to live one's life, as prescribed by nature in consideration. Some individuals are sensitive to the environs, and the ambiance of the place where they would be seeking to learn Yoga.

Modern yoga studios with western style interiors: wall-sized mirrors, poor ventilation, and the feel of empty space don't allow the more sensitive souls to relate, or connect to the energies of the surroundings in order to feel comfortable and at ease within themselves. 


Moreover one can make certain basic mistakes while doing  yoga at home without proper expert guidance  which can prove harmful in the long run.  We  customize the class structure , intensity levels  as per the needs of any one looking for Yoga at home near me across entire Mumbai. 

learning Yoga from a yoga personal trainer at home Mumbai ( owing to the highly stressed out lives in this city) provides the opportunity to the student to connect better on a one to one level with the yoga teacher at home. The trainer is experienced in clearing the path of learning for the student by  weeding the possible common mental blocks we all bring with us into the yoga class.


Our yoga at home Mumbai trainers have thorough knowledge of the  way yoga works on the different body types, thus can better understand the unique requirements and strengths of the individual student,  yoga class structure can be fine-tuned to the specific needs and requirements of the practitioner. A lot of students cannot express the feelings they undergo, crucial for the trainer to know in order to test the effectiveness of the technique being taught, while doing certain Yoga techniques in a group environment.


Learning yoga in ones' own private space provides the necessary comfort and confidence to the student for expressing the self even on very subtle sensations one can go through while doing yoga. 

The more the Yoga trainer connects with the student, the better will be the outcome of the practice. The energy of the home one stays in gets synchronized with the energy of the dweller over a period of time,  this tuning of the frequencies imparts enough confidence to the student /dweller to be able to open himself a bit more to the trainer. Our yoga at home in Mumbai classes follow clearly outlined precautions for making the yoga classes effective for our students. 

The student of our  yoga at home in Mumbai service can plan out yoga practice around the day's schedule which can ensure the least possible overlapping or loss of time. Moreover, the body is more at ease of sliding into a relaxed mode when it is in its own abode than at a foreign space.

Yoga at home Mumbai Class Details

Charge: Rs 6000/- for 12 classes in a month, 3 classes in a week on alternate days

Duration of a single session - 1 hour

Location: Anywhere within Mumbai 

Yoga  at Home in Mumbai Class structure

  1. Conditioning plus Yoga Asanas  practice - 45 mins

  2. Relaxation - 5 mins

  3. Pranayama - 10 mins

Interested students can take one free trial class before they want to decide on booking on for themselves.

Our's is the best yoga at home near me services in Mumbai as our yoga trainers are certified for 900 hours on Patanjali's Ashtanga Yoga 

You can also book a monthly plan for yoga at home Mumbai

              Or just pick up the phone and dial 9930554382

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Our Yoga at Home Classes in Mumbai Categories

Yoga Teacher at Home in Mumbai for Weight loss

Obesity is the symbol of, as well as  the bane of the modern industrial world. Prior to the industrial revolution when the rate of physical activity was at par with the intake of the daily calories, the body automatically maintained its optimum weight.


Post-industrial revolution, when the machines began compensating for the human effort in almost everything, the balance between the calories ingested by the body and calories spent went awry leading to the overdupoised human bodies.

Apart from rendering the body lethargic, the extra weight maintains constant pressure on its vital functions which proves to be detrimental to its health in the long run. The flow of  our Yoga for weight loss class taken by the best personal yoga trainer at home in Mumbai is designed after understanding the body to weight ratio of individual clients.


The instructions given during the Yoga class are customized to the student's pace of understanding. Yoga asanas for weight loss coupled with the plan on the yoga diet and healthy lifestyle ensure that our clients attain their optimum height to weight ratio in the minimum possible time. 


Modern work has shifted from the open fields ( agriculture economy) to the desks confined within limited spaces with all amenities paced around it at an arm's length.  Secondly, work demand nowadays is more on the mental faculties, physical faculties have been left to rot in inactivity.


Our Mumbai yoga at home class is the perfect surge needed in the physical activities for balancing out the more dominant inactive part of the day. We have formed a perfect amalgamation of power yoga, Ashtanga yoga, and hot yoga concepts for helping our clients reach their weight and flexibility goals. 

Best Yoga trainer at  home in Mumbai for Therapy

Yoga defines disease as the imbalance between the mind-body-energy aspect of the human being.  We provide yoga through our home personal trainer Mumbai classes for helping our clients manage various diseases the yoga way.  One can successfully control the conditions like asthma, diabetes, and cardiac issues with yoga.


Apart from a regular schedule of practicing yoga techniques we also assist our clients by helping them change their lifestyle, diet plan,  and daily routines for benefiting the respective conditions. The yoga at home Mumbai class strictly follows the proper understanding of the concepts, and guidelines for doing Yoga asanas the right way. 


We have created individual curriculums combining various yoga techniques targeted toward each disease. Like we have got a set of yoga techniques for specific medical conditions like yoga for  diabetes, or yoga for Hypertension  and so on; it is like a battalion of yoga techniques positioned against a single disease. Our Yoga trainer at home in Mumbai also provides peripheral information related to the specific disease to our clients to help them better understand their conditions. 


Our fitness trainer  at home Mumbai program for managing various medical conditions isn't just a set of mechanical techniques to be learned in a particular sequence; the yoga concepts behind each movement, and how they bring about the positive changes, like boosts positive thinking,within the body are explained to the clients for their in-depth understanding, or the "WHY" of Yoga. 

 Yoga Personal Trainer  for Senior Citizens

 Yoga can be practiced by individuals of all age groups, the only difference being that its techniques need to be modified differently in terms of intensity and ease for different age groups. Yoga can benefits older people in multiple areas of their lives.


Our techniques of  teaching meditation to our elderly clients are simplified in order to bring all the targeted benefits of meditating to the later years of one's life, Our personal yoga teacher at home Mumbai are experienced in modifying the same yoga technique for different body and age-related sensibility types of their students.


They have aced the art of using the general items available at every home as props for helping our silver citizens to achieve the final formation of a particular asana for maximum benefit from their personal training.  Our senior citizens on account of their limited ability to frequently move out of the house are the perfect candidates for benefiting from our Yoga at home near me in Mumbai program.