Bandra West Yoga, Best Beginning Classes near me

Our Yoga Classes in Bandra West,

teaching yoga is a passion,

not a profession for each one

of us associated with,

our yoga classes

in Bandra West, Mumbai.

We have devised our own creatively interesting styles,..

of enriching the way our students experience yoga.

Our Power Yoga classes for beginners, or meditation classes in Bandra West structure at the yoga studio is not set into stone. Each Yoga class is woven around a single intent, or goal out of the various goals we have crafted keeping in mind the current expectations, requirements of our students. We follow the principles of Ashtanga Yoga in our Bandra Yoga Classes.

Yoga Bhavas in Beginning Yoga Classes in Bandra West

Our clients call us the best beginning Yoga Classes near me, in Bandra West, you Learn Yoga step by step where each Yoga asana is approached in a graded manner, from warm-up stretches to the ultimately targeted alignment. Each movement is coordinated with the breath in order to ease out the process of getting into a  particular yogic formation. We include yoga bhavas, yoga attitudes,  into our asana teaching techniques.

Yoga Class in Bandra West, Simple, Creative Approach

Bandra Yoga Classes

Yoga for Beginners and all levels

Systematic and detailed Yoga Instructions

We design our instructions in a way that make them sequentially detailed enough for the student to understand and execute. The rhythm and flow of the power yoga class in  Bandra West are very well synchronized across the participants keeping in mind the complexity or ease of the Yoga technique being executed. 

Holistic structure of our Yoga Classes in Bandra West

The beginning Yoga classes in Bandra West, Mumbai as well as for the personal yoga trainer at home Mumbai, commence with conditioning the mind, mind and brain being different concepts, for experiencing yoga for the next one hour. The students are instructed to gather the mind from all around and tie it to their breathing movements.

The yoga instructor next begins with the stretches linked to the day’s goal as set earlier, each stretch sequence leading to the corresponding yoga asana. The asanas are followed by relaxation technique of Savasana, which is followed by the pranayamas for the day. The Yoga class ends with the yoga studio reverberating with the vibrations emanating from the class collectively chanting “OM”. a form of meditation. This structure  has been tested and proved to benefit the practitioners by  naturally healing the Mind & and body  of the aspirants. 

Certified Yoga Instructors at our Yoga Class

Our Yoga instructors are trained and hold yoga certifications on Patanjali’s Eightfold path of yoga, Ashtanga Yoga concepts.  The yoga techniques we teach are taken from all schools of thought along with our own innovations included in them.

We cater to categories like yoga for weight loss, yoga therapy for managing various medical conditions. Most of our clients have shown amazement (client testimonials video) at getting and feeling flexible within the very first month of starting the yoga practice with us. The yoga instructor conducts the yoga classes keeping in mind the flexibility levels of each participant. 

Saeeta Nakhoda

My Happy Clients! Yoga Classes Bandra West

“I must see with these few classes I already feel very calmer, and much fitter in my daily life, and the personal attention you get here, even the little small postures, the breathing, every inhale, every exhale, which is I know very important in Yoga is corrected and shown in a very very beautiful way. The personal attention you get here, the Trainers do it as a passion, and I can see it, I have attended so many Yoga classes before, but never attended as effective as this one. Thank You!”

Service Categories of our Yoga classes

  • Group Beginning Yoga Classes at the studio near me
  • One Time Drop in class
  • Yoga medical camps.
  • Power yoga classes in Bandra West 
  • Meditation and Pranayama

Group Beginning Yoga Class

Duration of the Yoga Class – 1 Hour

Charges – 3000 INR

12 Classes per month, 3 classes a week, on alternate days

Timing – 7:30 pm to 8:30pm

Yoga Class Structure and flow:

Conditioning – 5 mins

Asana – 40 mins

Relaxation – 10 mins

Pranayama – 5 to 10 mins

Experience sharing and Q&A session

Book a Free Trial Class or call Randeep at 9930554382 for any queries.

We conduct group beginning yoga classes at our studio and also provide personal yoga trainer at home in Mumbai.  Yoga medical camps happen regularly at our yoga studio, meditation and yoga therapy at Bandra yoga Mumbai. Personal yoga trainer for our clients service is provided exclusively on the western line in Mumbai. We also conduct our regular yoga classes, yoga camps at our  Farm yoga retreat.

The terms and conditions section has the timings and other frequently asked Queries related to our yoga classes. The ultimate aim of our Yoga classes is to impart the benefits to our clients through yoga as per their expectations and needs.