Shanmukhi Mudra, Yoni Mudra, Turn the Mind Calm

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all Techniques of Yoga articles

Yoni Mudra or Shanmukhi Mudra

as it is called, is one of the most

potent methods of cutting yourself out,

from the external world.

Even if you do not regularly practice 

Yoga in any form,

you can still experience its instantaneous

Mind calming impact,

the moment you get into this Mudra. 

The mind plays a pivotal role in any Yogic technique we engage with, it is also the most difficult to reign in. Any Yogic technique will not benefit you in toto or for the complete benefit, it is designed to impart unless the Mind is completely involved in it. Yoni Mudra works by disengaging all our external senses or temptations from the Mind, leaving it more concentrated and calmer.  Now learn the technique and calm your mind with Shanmukhi Mudra, Yoni Mudra. Some even call it Sanmukhi mudra.

Technique: Yoni Mudra

Preparatory technique:

  • Any Yogic technique designed to help with improving your concentration like Trataka, Triangle method or Concentrating on space.
  • Anuloma Viloma


  1. Sit in Sidh asana, or any other meditative asana you are comfortable in with a cushion placed under your perineum for the required pressure
  2. Keep the spine straight and the chin up
  3. Close the eyes and place the hands on the knees
  4. Raise both your arms up in front of you till the palms reach the  face level, facing the face, all the fingers and the thumb spread apart
  5. Now plug both your ears with the respective thumbs, place the index fingers on both eyes, the middle finger on sides of both the nostrils, the ring finger above the lips, and the little finger below the lips 
  6. Make sure that you are not pressing too hard against your facial parts as directed above, the contact has to be very subtle and just symbolic
  7. Now inhale slowly by releasing the hold of the middle finger on the nostrils and hold ( Kumbhaka) for as long as you can without  creating any tension in the neck and facial muscles
  8. After completing the Kumbhaka exhale slowly and smoothly, this is one round
  9. Release the hands and place them back on to the knees keeping the eyes closed
  10. Start being aware of your body and external sounds before you open your eyes again
Shanmukhi Mudra

Alignment essentials and modifications: Shanmukhi Mudra

  • Keep the elbows at shoulders level throughout the practice of Sanmukhi mudra
  • In case you are not able to hold the elbows at shoulders level, you can lower the elbows by bending at the wrist
  • Older persons or persons with any disabilities in the arms can also keep their bend elbows on the edge of a table or shelf while they sit against it 
  • Repeating two syllables; hum during inhalation and during holding, and sa during exhalation can deepen the impact of this mudra

When to avoid doing Yoni Mudra

  • Persons suffering from depression must avoid doing Yoni Mudra 

Advantages: Benefits of doing  Shanmukhi Mudra

  • The muscles of the face are relaxed and stimulated by the energy from the hands
  • It helps treat eye, throat and nose infections along with alleviating vertigo, it proves beneficial if included in the practice of yoga for a healthy throat
  • It completely calms the Mind generating a sense of the withdrawal of the stimulus of the senses ( Pratyahara)
  • Balances the external and internal awareness
  • The brain becomes more alert and active as energy from Mooldhara chakra gets activated and starts flowing toward the head or Sahasrara Chakra
  • All sense organs get activated by coming in contact with the five elements, from each finger in Yoni mudra, imparting radiance to the face 
  • Sanmukhi mudra improves thinking abilities along with boosting the memory

Duration and repetitions: Yoni Mudra

Start practicing with a minimum of 5 minutes and gradually extend up to 10 minutes.