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Yoga for throat Problems:

The demarcation of throat starts from the region located behind the root of the tongue, below and the soft palate above, this  region acts as a common passageway for the food as well as the air is known as pharynx. 

The upper pharynx is known as Nasopharynx, a bit lower than that is Oropharynx, .and the lowest section is known as Laryngopharynx. Yoga for throat problems work on all these inner sections of the pharynx.

The pharynx ends in the upper neck approximately at the level of the chin. From here it divides into two; the tubule which passes from the front of the neck is known as trachea , or the wind pipe which leads the inhaled air into the lungs.  Another tubule passed from behind the trachea which is known as esophagus, the passageway for the food towards the stomach.  

Epiglottis, a cartilaginous lid like structure covers the opening into the trachea in order to prevent the food from falling into it, and blocking the air passage.  The closed epiglottis directs the food into the esophagus which descends into the stomach from behind the trachea.

The sound producing box or the vocal cords are situated at the entrance of the trachea and is known as Larynx.  Adenoids are   small round lump like structures located higher in the throat, above the soft palate.   Owing to their hidden location, higher up at the back of the soft palate, they cannot be seen without the aid of special instruments. 

Tonsils are also lumpy round projections in the back of the pharynx which are visible if looked at through the open mouth.  Both, adenoids and tonsils are part of the immune system, lymph nodes, which are meant to monitor and eradicate any disease causing microbes which can enter the body either via air or in the ingested food.  

Throat, owing to its location is exposed to the external environment and is the entry point for infection causing agents from outside. Moreover the moist environment of the upper digestive tract provides conducive conditions for the microbes to thrive causing a number of throat problems.

Tonsillitis is the name given to the condition where the tonsils become inflamed from bacterial or viral infection.  In case the infection in the tonsils lasts for long, chronic tonsillitis, it can lead to tonsil stone.  Tonsillitis is confirmed by the presence of conditions like sore throat, painful swallowing, fever, and swollen lymph glands around the throat.  

A kind of abscess gets collected behind the infected tonsils, and enlarged tonsils can obstruct breathing and sleeping patterns of the person inflicted by  tonsillitis.  Inflamed tonsils and adenoids can be treated with antibiotics for immediate relief, surgery may be necessitated in severe conditions.

Sore throat is an umbrella term used for a multitude of infections which afflict the throat area and cause dry, painful and itchy feeling in the throat. Pharyngitis is the term used when the inner wall of the pharynx gets inflamed due to microbial infection.  

Laryngitis is the infected sound box or larynx.  Another of a throat infection caused by bacteria is known as strep throat. Cough, irritation in the lining of the throat,  originates  when the inflamed inner lining releases excessive amounts of mucous into the passage of the throat which can block the breathing process, Cough  is the bodies response, attempt to open the blockage so caused with a jerky thrust. 

Yoga for throat infections

Cure for throat diseases

Immune systems  plays an important in role in causing as well as in treating a number of throat infections.   That is why yoga for throat problems works by strengthening the entire immune system.   The hot and moist conditions present in the mouth and the throat are the perfect breeding grounds for the infection causing microbes which reach here via  the inhaled air or the food.  

A strong immune system can fight the viruses and the bacteria more effectively which prevents any infections from taking roots in the throat.  One of the home remedy for throat infections is very effective in treating these conditions.  Yoga asanas for healthy Visudhi chakra, larynx, involve techniques for exercising the vocal cords.  Yoga techniques like humming keeps the sound box well -tuned, toned by way of generating strong vibrations from the throat.

Yoga breathing exercises for sore throat help by keeping the inner lining of the throat clear of infections, the moving air during the breathing exercise scrubs clear the inner lining of the passages in the throat.  The same friction so generated also attracts the enhanced flow of blood to the region which improves the over-all health of the tissues lining the throat.  

Yoga for throat infection comprises of techniques of cleansing of the nasal tract and the digestive tracts with water.  Yoga for cough, and yoga as a sore throat medicine benefit these conditions by  strengthening the healthy conditions  in the throat, which weakens the disease causing agents on  its own. 

Poses for throat problems

Uttanasana/Hastpad Asana


Ujjayi Pranayama

Yoni Mudra

Sutra Neti

Jalandhara Bandha

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