Object of Meditation

Key of success for Meditation, The Right Object to Focus on Meditation is very important in our daily life. Meditation is the method through which, we unite the soul and the divine. Meditation keeps our mind calm and less anger. Through Meditation we can improve our memory power. Many mental disease can be overcome with …

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poses for beginners

The 10 most important Yoga/exercise poses for beginners The 10 most important Yoga /exercise poses for beginners. Power comes to those who have the courage to start. Now, that you have decided on starting this journey of fitness, here are 10 most important Yoga/exercise poses for beginners to help you begin.  My wife recently started …

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Meditation Stages

7 Stages Exercise to Meditation, Connect with Consciousness Meditation Stages – The classical culture of meditation is based on, exactitude of science and intellectual analysis of metaphysics, with the intuitive perception of mysticism. Meditation as an exercise is a practical process of realizing the self, which may be equitably termed as scientific mysticism. The science …

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