Rules of Good Conduct as per Yoga, Manners, Sense Organs and Self

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Manners – Rules of Good Conduct

Yoga being the science of living

the right way delivers on various

aspects of human life.

Rules of good conduct being

on of them, lay out a set of manners

needed to maintain the positivity of the mind. To begin with:

  1. Never laugh, sneeze, yawn and blow your nose without covering the face,
  2. Do not spit or throw waste on the road.
  3. Be clean and dress decently.
  4. Keep your word and appointments.
  5. Try to please others only after understanding their likes and dislikes.
  6. Express your good wishes and greet others when you meet or part with them.
  7. Be hospitable and use pleasant language.
  8. Appreciate and praise the good qualities of others and ignore their bad qualities.
  9. Help other as per your capacity.
  10. Respect your parents, teachers, and elders.

Sense Organs- Rules of Good Conduct

  1. Try to perceive things which are pleasant to your sense organs.
  2. Avoid things which can be harmful to your sense organs.
  3. Avoid perceiving impious, undesirable , or disrespectful things.
  4. Do not over use , or tax your sense and motor organs.
  5. Enjoy worldly pleasures without coming into conflict with rules of good conduct.
  6. Listen to and read the stories of great men and saints.

Self – Good Conduct

  1. Be on guard to protect yourself and your health as you can attain your goals only if you are alive and healthy.
  2. Always attend to the requirements of the physical health.
  3. Do not indulge in vices like smoking, drinking, gambling, and visiting prostitutes.
  4. Do not be lazy, unclean, and apathetic.
  5. Do not be selfish and greedy. Share your wealth and joy with others.
  6. Do not be impatient and irritable.
  7. Do not be boastful of your achievements.
  8. Be strong, brave, and courageous.
  9. Be gentle and optimistic.
  10. Be self-confident and do not be daunted by criticism.
  11. Know yourself well and have a balanced mind. Never have either a inferiority or superiority complex.

Speech – Rules of Good Conduct

  1. Never Abuse Others
  2. Do not be arrogant or sarcastic in your speech, always use polite and pleasant language.
  3. Do not talk ill of others, particularly of good people, superiors, and elders.
  4. Do not divulge the secrets, faults, weak pints, and bad deeds of others.
  5. Do not boast of your achievements, generosity, and good deeds.
  6. Use clear and appropriate words, avoid ambiguous words.
  7. Speak on a subject to the point and at the right time.
  8. Express your good wishes on meeting people.
  9. Do not hesitate to apologize for your mistakes and the wrong done to others.
  10. Offer kind words of sympathy, encouragement, and consolation to the needy, if you cannot help them in any other way.
  11. Impart good and proper advice to others.
  12. Be truthful and practice what you preach.

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