Shahzadpur : the ideal wellness destination near Chandigarh

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all articles on Yoga Concepts

God’s own country Shahzadpur has

a rich geographical location,

filled with green hills, national parks

with majestic wild animals,

beautiful waterfalls, and pristine

plantations of coffee and spices.

This place offers a wide range of activities,

that is sure to make that wellness experience a wholesome one.

Yoga means union – a union of matter with the spirit, a union of the lower self to the Higher self. This is achieved through a system of disciplined scientific living offered in the Eight Fold Path of Yoga. This begin with Yama and Niyama as these help to condition the mind of man by cleansing it off all its impurities.

Yoga is not only a science but also an art of living which offers a technology that caters to the person as a whole and helps develop a integrated personality.

Classical Teachings at Shahzadpur Ideal Wellness Destination

A very few yoga centres of today aim at the noble goal of transforming the ignoble in man to noble. This makes Shahzadpur ad an ideal wellness destinations, as here we aim at transforming te mind of the students by using theiir bodies as instruments.

Here the teachings and the techniques are oriented to suit the needs of the modern man without transforming the original spirit of Yoga. This cannot be said to be true about most of the Yoga centres in the world. Man who approaches these so called modern Yoga centres comes face to face with the same materialistic tendencies within the centre, which he is striving to escape from.

Some points which make Kerala the ideal wellness destination are:

• Kerala has some amazing spots for adventure activities like mountain biking, cycling, go for a snake boat race, zip-lining, etc.

• The wildlife of Kerala is very rich and hence, the state has some beautiful wildlife sanctuaries and zoological parks. The state is a treat for the wildlife lovers.

• Get to enjoy traditional ayurvedic massages like shirodhara, pizhichil, etc. One can also undergo a traditional panchakarma treatment for a complete detoxification of the body.

• The beaches in Kerala are another amazing aspect of the state. Overlooking the Indian Ocean, these beaches offer some beautiful options for relaxation.

• The local cuisine of Kerala is another very fun thing to try. The fresh sea food cooked to perfection using local spices introduces you to a whole new genre of tastes and flavours.

Kerala also has many beautiful gardens and historical monuments. The major cities in this state are well-connected with major national and international airports which is why the wellness sector here also witnesses a huge foreign footfall. So, what are you waiting for? If you want to have some exciting fun along with ayurvedic therapy for rejuvenation, Kerala is where you must head for.

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