Samkhya Karika 65

Samkhya Karika 65, Purusha Watches Prakriti as a Spectator in the End Samkhya karika 65 text: Tena nivrttaprasava arthavashaat sapta roopa vinivrtaam | Prakritim pashyati purushah prekshakavad avasthitah svachchah || Tena – thus, therefore, therefrom Nivrttaprasava – the show of creation has stopped Arthavashaat – through knowledge of tattvas Sapta roopa vinivrtaam – abstaining from the …

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Samkhya Karika 64.

Samkhya karika 64 explains thenature of knowledge or wisdom one must attain in order to free oneself (prakriti) from the bindings with Purusha. Pure and faultless wisdom is knowing the 25 Tattvas.

Samkhya Karika 63

Samkhya Karika 63 explaind the seven bhavas or forms of Buddhi that keep Prakrit (body) bound to its existence and how one of them (eigth one) if utilized properly can help unbind it forever.

Samkhya Karika 62

Samkhya karika 62 changes the belief that its the PUrusha that gets liberated. Its actually Prakriti which is bound to Death and rebirth and needs to be liberated.

Samkhya Karika 61

Samkhya Karika 61, Prakriti is the Most Gentle Entity that Exists Samkhya Karika 61 Text: Prakrite sukumaarataram na kincid-asti-eti me matir bhavati | Ya drshtaa-asmi-eti punar-darshanam-upaiti purushasya || Prakrite – than Prakriti Sukumaarataram – gentle Na kincid – not anything Asti – exists Eti – such, so Me matir – my opinion Bhavati – is …

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Samkhya Karika 60

Samkhya karika 60 explains the nature of Prakriti, which is very generous, magnanimous, and sefless. It works for Purusha without any expectations in return.

Samkhya Karika 59

Samkhya Karika 59, Dance of Prakriti Ends when Purusha is Liberated Samkhya Karika 59 Text: Rangasya darshyitvaa nivartate narttakee yathaa nrityaat | Purushasya tatha atmaanam prakaashya vinivartate prakritih || Rangasya – the audience Darshyitvaa – having shone, exhibited Nivartate – comes to end, ceases Narttakee – female dancer Yathaa – just as Nrityaat – from …

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Samkhya Karika 58

Samkhya Karika 58 talks about the intensity and zeal prakriti works for Purusha with. This intensity is as strong as the zeal humans go after fulfilling their desires.

Samkhya Karika 57.

Samkhya karika 57 explains the mode of working of Prakriti for the emancipation of Purusha. Prakriti instinctively work ffor providing nourishment to Purusha as Cow’s mlk helps nourish the calf.

Samkyhya Karika 56

Samkhya karika 56 talks about why Prakriti exists or is required. Prakriti is the tool using which Purusha can achieve liberation from the bindings of material world.