Samkhya Karika 69, Sage Kapila has Revealed this Secret Knowledge

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all Samkhya Karikas

Samkhya karika 69 text:

Purushaarthajnaanam idam guhyam paramarshinaa samaakhyaatam |

Sthiti utpatti pralayaash chintyante yatra bhootaanaam ||

Purushaarthajnaanam – knowledge for the purpose of the Purusha

Idam – this

Guhyam – secret

Paramarshinaa – great sage Kapila

Samaakhyaatam – taught thoroughly in detail

Sthiti – duration, time span

Utpatti – origination, production

Pralayaash – dissolution

Chintyante – are discoursed

Yatra – in which

Bhootaanaam – of all the created material objects

Samkhya Karika 69 attributes the giving away of this profound knowledge (Samkya philosophy) to sage Kapila. He is mentioned as ‘Parama rshinaa’ n this karika. it is alo mentioned that he was benevolent enough to reveal this ‘secret knowledge’ for the purpose of Purusha to be finally separated from the binds of Prakriti.

This secrett knowledge is concerned with the origin, duration, and ultimate dissolution of the beings.

Samkhya Karika 69, What and Why of Secret Knowledge

The term ‘Guhyam’ in this Samkhya karika 69 means ‘secret,’ which does not mean that something was hidden before it was reveald by the great Rishi (sage). The knowledge of Samkhya is being termed as secret in the sense that the authenticity and reality of this wisdom cannot be understood, believed by ordinary minds (people).

One is required to possess a certain degree of faith, belief and inguinity to be able to comprehend concepts which exist beyond the physical world. Ordinary minds (intellects) lack the capacity to sense realities that exist beyond the scope of ordinary sense organs.

Sense organs are the evolutes of matter (Prakriti), these lack the ability to sense, or read anything that is not matter, like the spirit (Purusha). Science can prove the existence and functioning of everything material, but not the attributes of spirit.

The journey of the material beings (humans) towards realising the spirit has to begin with the faith that there is something like spirit which is separate from matter. Experiential philosophy is what can help build up this faith.

First, one has to understand the basics of philosophy, the purpose of which is to make one experience these extra-physical concepts logically driven from the reality (material universe) that exists around one.

Understanding the logic which is not a part of matter takes special qualities of the intellect. This knowledge appears like a secret (out of the scope of comprehension) to the ordinary mind.

A lot of people feel drawn towards the seemingly pleasant philosophical concepts of Samkhya but don’t believe in their practical relevance. This happens because these people have never experienced anyhing away from the material world.

They just believe in whatever can be sensed with the physical body. A lot of my students tell me that they love the physical aspect of Yoga (asanas) because that is what is real for them, and are not interested in philosophy that exists around these physical postures.

This s because they do not feel the need to transform or shift from where ever they stand today. It is the fear of leaving their comfort zones and tread into the unknown. For such beings Samkhya and Yoga philosophies better remain hidden or a secret. They are not yet eligible to recieve it for their progress as beings.

The purpose of samkhya studies is to distance oneself from the physical world and see one’s true form. The main thing like five gross elements (pancha mahabhootas) are never in one’s focus; if anything oneonly take notice  of mundane things.

For example “people are sitting”, “chairs, computers, cars etc. and remain engaged in that only. The things of nature are changeful – origin, duration and dissolution are natural phenomena and this always goes on. one is always drowned in it.

One is engaged in seeing hearing and touching the world as it is. With correct knowledge misery is eliminated completely, just like a roasted seed that does not germinate. There are many who have understood and don’t suffer. But for most of us, we will lament all through our life.

One dosn’t bring correct understanding and keep suffering.

For us what is important is-what is going on- we all are sitting and discussing. But things are changing. Our age is advancing but we don’t accept or recognize this change. Unless we come across a shocking event, we seldom learn and are unable to come out of our mundane existence. We all have grown up fearing things or events. But the truth is something else.

The knowledge of Samkhya is what gives direction and purpose to one’s life.