Samkhya Karika 66, No Creation, Purusha & Prakriti remain Indifferent

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all Samkhya Karikas

Samkhya karika 66 text:

Drshtaa mayety upekshak eko drshta aham ity uparamatya anyaa |

Sati samyoge api tayoh prayojanam naasti sargasya ||

Drshtaa – seen

May – by me (self)

Ety – thus, so

Upekshak – unaffected, indifferent, no expectations

Eko – the one, purusha

Drshta – seen

Aham – I, me

Ity – thus, so

Uparamatya – refrains, withholds

Anyaa – the other

Sati – continuing, following from

Samyoge – coming together

Api – even

Tayoh – of the two

Prayojanam – reason, motive

Naasti – does not exist

Sargasya – of evolution, creation of Prakriti

Samkhya Karika 66 enumerates upon the state of Purusha and Prakriti after the later has been released from all the bondings with Purusha. This karika talks of the situation where the Prakiti has been released but the existence of the physical body (composed of Prakriti) continues along with its consciousness (Purusha) as a single embodies consciousness (Individual being).

Samkhya Karika 66, Indifferent Purusha & Prakriti Stop Creation

Samkhya Karika 66

Samkhya karika 66 explains that the individual does’nt cease to exist ones the Prakriti is freed of all bondages. Purusha and Prakriti remain together, though indifferent to each other, as a being up till the time all the remaining samskaras (impressions of one’s karmas) get exhausted completely.

Both, Purusha and Prakriti remain associated with each other n the form of a living being but they remain indifferent o each other. Such an individual will continue to exist by following all the Sattvik bhavas without any attachments or expectations.

The Purusha has experienced, seen Prakriti in all its aspects and it is no more interested, attached to, it, or seeing it any more. Prakriti is aware that it has been seen by the Purusha and stops showing itself any more. It ceases to create any more experiences for the Purusha.

The two remain connected tthrough a physical body, up till all the samskaras get exhausted, but without any motive. This fills the individual with clamness and equipoise.

I am like a spectator of a drama, thinking thus the Purusha shows indifference toward Prakriti and since “I have been seen” by Purusha, Prakriti stops evolution and withdraws.

This is like a final stage of Prakriti, assuming there is no point for coming together of Purusha and Prakriti. Purusha remains established in itself and Prakriti gives way.

Constituted of flesh and bones, this body and mind are gross objects. But he Spirit which is pure consciousness is altogether different. Prakriti and other related things are separate but we are unable to see them as such. Impermanent things like- respect, disrespect, profit, loss, pleasure and pain should not disturb us and we should maintain our balance.

Whatever we think as necessary, developing disinterestedness in that brings true knowledge. Then the life becomes blissful like a lotus flower, which always blooms above the muck.

We all read and listen to these things but leave nothing. However, when some are subjected to some tough test in life then something happens. We will have to leave trivia. Just reading and listening wouldn’t help. We have to resolve internally. Like in shock treatment, when there is shock it has an effect.

But then in two minutes we forget, and in a few months we are back to the same old situation. Realization comes only when we reflect in silence. How much ever you read the holy books, nothing will change. Things move in right direction only when true realization dawns.