Samkhya Karika 60, Prakriti is Magnanimous, Generous to Purusha

Author: Randeep Singh / go to all Samkhya Karikas

Samkhya Karika 60 Text:

Naanaa vidhair upaayair upakaariniy anupkaarinah pumsah |

Gunvatyagunasya satas-tasya- artham- apaarthakam charati ||

Naanaa vidhair – manifold, diverse

Upaayair – by the means

Upakaariniy – generous, benevolent

Anupkaarinah – non-generous, non-benevolent

Pumsah – of Purusha

Gunvaty – possessing positive attributes

Agunasya – asbcence of any attributes

Satas – as he is, as it is

Tasya – his

Artham – purpose

Apaarthakam – without purpose

Charati – follows, pursues

Samkhya karika 60 talks about the selfless, generous, and benevolent nature of Prakriti. Here it is explained that the nature of Prakriti is benevolence towards Purusha without any expectations in return from it.

Prakiti is endowed wth variously diversified attributes (qualities) on account of being composed of the three gunas. Purusha on the other hand is is devoid of any attributes as it is not composed of the three gunas.

Samkhya Karika 60

Benevolence (all giving) or malevolence is a form of attribute one needs to possess before one can exhibit it. The various combinations and permutations of the three gunas impart myriad shades of attributes (negative and positive) to the various evolutes of Prakriti – Buddhi, Ahamkara, manas etc. – which forms the overall personality of the indivudal Prakriti (person).

Samkhya Karika 60, Prakriti Works Generously for Purusha

The purpose of Prakriti, of liberatng Purusha from its bindings, can be attained only when it presents the experiences of all these shades to the Purusha. After experiencing all the Purusha looses interest in the attachments and aversions to various aspects of Prakrit and thus stands freed from it.

Purusha lacks in the three gunas and thus possess no attributes or qualities using which it can help liberate itself from Prakriti. This job is undertaken by Prakriti on its own, without any expectations of a favour in return from Purusha.

One can discern that this healing, nurturing, benevolent nature of Prakriti gives it a feminine color. Selfless service to others is the quality associated with feminity because these attributes can be easily experienced in a mother.

A wealthy man was once constructing a house. He had two dogs –one big and another small. When the doors were being made, he instructed the carpenter to make two doors; one big for bigger dog and another small for the smaller dog. The carpenter retorted – that from the big door both the dogs could pass.

Our buddhi (intelligence) has also become gross. It does not apply itself to the subtler things. It is only when the mind is calm, quiet and focussed than an intelligent person is able to understand the subtle things. There should be wisdom within us.