Yoga Camp for Heart Issues




Yoga Camp for Heart Problems at Shahzadpur

Our yoga camp for Heart issues near Chandigarh is conducted at our Shahzadpur Farm Yoga Retreat once every week. The schedule for the same is posted our website on monthly basis.

The camp begins with the doctor checking the basic parameters of the participants in order for the yoga teachers to understand the participants better. yoga asanas or postures beneficial for the heart is the first session to undertake. The yoga asanas are sequenced from lighter to intense in order for the participants to remember the sequence.

Breathing exercises or yoga pranayamas which are directly related to the health of the heart are taught next. We copiously use audio and video aids in order to simplify the processes involved. Anatomy of all asanas and pranayamas being taught is part of our teaching in all our yoga medical camps held at our Yoga retreat Near Chandigarh.

The morning session ends with the participants playing games which permanently inscribes the learning so far into their psyche.

Relaxation techniques, Trataka exercises, and kriyas or body cleansing techniques set forth the after lunch session. Each of the mentioned yoga techniques is practically undertaken by every participant, at our Yoga camp fro heart, under the guidance of an experienced teacher.

The last quarter of the Yoga camp for heat issues , at our yoga classes retreat near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur Farm Yoga, near Ambala comprises of the doctors talk on understanding the problems related to the heart in a easy manner, along with a discussion on the same with the participants.

Reading material containing the synopsis of everything taught that day is distributed in the end.

Duration of the camp – 7 hours
Charges – Rs 500 per person