Yoga Camp on Hypertension near Chandigarh, at Shahzadpur




Yoga Camp 0n Hypertension:

The main purpose of the camp on hypertension, held at our Yoga retreat near Chandigarh, is to make the students look at hypertension from all possible angles: lifestyle, physical aspects, mental aspects as well as the fundamentals of how the condition can be handled with some easy to perform and understand yoga techniques.
We start at 9 am with the students filling up the basic information form related to any specific attributes the yoga teacher needs to know.

We begin with teaching asanas or yoga postures specifically meant for handling hypertension. The steps of each asana are taught by breaking them into smaller easy to comprehend step sequences. Our instructions involve learning reinforcement techniques.

After yoga posture we provide adequate time to pranayamas, or the breathing exercises. the Pranayamas chosen are specific to healing hypertension.
Next the students play games which will help reinforce the learnings so far.

Heal High Blood Pressure with Nature at Shahzadpur


Next we break for lunch. There after the students are made to walk around the compound of the yoga center near Chandigarh, post which are taught the relaxation techniques like shavasana. After which comes trataka and kriyas ( Cleansing techniques).

Next we would have a doctor speak on various aspects of hypertension, post which will happen the question answer session with the students

We end the yoga camp at the yoga retreat near Chandigarh by distributing pamphlets on all the information learnt so far.

Duration of the camp : 7 hours ( excluding 1 hour lunch break)
Charges : Rs 500 per person

Booking – online / email / phone