Yoga Classes Studio, Bandra West, Mumbai




Yoga Classes at Studio | Bandra West in Mumbai

Our Yoga classes at studio in Bandra west are conducted in groups of 10 – 12 students. The area in which this class is conducted is around 700 square feet. Each class is conducted by two yoga instructors working together for attending to the individual needs of the students. The students will get the facility of a changing and washroom. The students are expected to carry their own Yoga mats, all the other props like the blocks, belts, and other supporting material will be provided by us for the yoga training.

Our Bandra yoga classes in Mumbai begin with 2 minutes of conditioning or preparing the Mind for getting into the Yoga mode. Next comes the standing asanas, the sitting asanas, supine asanas sequentially. The Yoga classes in Bandra West end with a relaxation technique and the pranayamas. our yoga classes Bandra West are based on the tenets of Patanjali’s Ashtanga Yoga.

The Yoga instructor for our yoga classes in Bandra West gives proper emphasis on the right alignments for every student in the Yoga class. We have designed our own modes of instructions and Yoga class rhythms for maintaining equal involvement and intensity levels across each student present in our Yoga Bandra class. We also keep track of the progress of each student even in a group class and strictly monitor it by infusing customized modification for each student involved.

Our yoga classes in Bandra West are the best answer to students who are looking for yoga classes near me, Yoga center near me, or nearby yoga classes in Bandra West. This Yoga class is conducted at the Yoga Studio. We charge Rs 2500 for 12 classes in a month, 3 classes in a week on alternate days.