Yoga Camp on Asthma at Shahzadpur Retreat




Asthma Treatment Yoga Camp:

We conduct the Yoga medical camp at our for managing Asthma once every week at our Yoga retreat near Chandigarh. The camp is an effort towards creating awareness related to various aspects of asthma along with teaching the yoga techniques for healing and managing asthma.

Yoga asanas, and pranayamas for asthma are taught at the camp. the techniques used for teaching the same are demonstrations and repetitions till the participant learn the minutes details and intricacies involved in them. The first half of the yoga camp is totally dedicated to these techniques where in care is taken by sequentially breaking complex techniques into simpler forms. Various kinds of  lateral information is also disseminated along with teaching the techniques which not only makes the learning process easier, effective but also tickles the curiosity of the learner to find out more.

Learn to Cure Asthma with Yoga at Shahzadpur Centre


Yoga for asthma has its own benefits. . The campers get to have their lunch in the lush green environs of the retreat situated in the Himalayan foothills. One can actually see the Shivalik Himalayas from the retreat located at Shahzadpur Near Chandigarh.

Relaxation, yoga kriyas, trataka fills the schedule in the afternoon at the camp. This is followed by a talk by an expert on asthma encompassing all the practical aspects related to the condition and how to manage it in emergency Situations if necessitated.

Participants are handed over the reading material to act as a recall for whatever has been learned in the day before the yoga camp ends at our yoga center near Chandigarh.

Duration – 7 hours
Charges – Rs 500 per person