Yoga Trainer at Home Mumbai




This Yoga class at home is of one-hour duration. The personal yoga trainer at home, Mumbai decides the structure of the Yoga class after checking the present health conditions, flexibility levels, and expectations of the student.

The Yoga class at home Mumbai begins with conditioning the Mind for yoga, wherein the body is held steady and the Mind is concentrated on the breath. The student is asked to try to be in the present with no thoughts of the past or the future crossing the Mind.

The class begins with sets of Surya Namaskar, in general, four different variations of Surya Namaskars are rotated alternatively on weekly basis in order to ensure complete warm-up of the overall body. For new students, Surya Namaskars are introduced slowly and in parts over a period of one month.

Then the the trainer introduces the standing Asanas where the main thrust stays on opening the larger group of muscles along with releasing the torso from the grip of the pelvis.

Next, the personal yoga trainer at home Mumbai begins with the sitting asanas which include forward bends appropriately counterposed by backbends, The Mumbai yoga at home teacher concludes the class’s asanas section with poses in the supine position. Inversion asanas are interspersed between these on alternate days to keep the entire bodywork outbalanced.

This private Yoga in Mumbai class ends with a relaxation technique, post which 10 minutes of breathing exercises or pranayamas are conducted. Our USP is that no two yoga classes at home in Mumbai of ours are structured similarly, each class targets the planned set of muscles with hundreds of variations of the same asana. Our home personal trainer Mumbai is certified for 900 hours from one of the oldest yoga teaching institute of the world, The Yoga Institute, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, India.

The Fitness trainer at home Mumbai conducts this class at the client’s place/ home. We charge Rs 8000 for 12 classes in a month, 3 classes per week.

Offer price for 2 persons taken together – Rs 6000 per person
Offer price for 3 persons taken together – Rs 4500 per person

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