Pregnancy, Pre-Post Natal Yoga Camp at Shahzadpur




Yoga Camp on Pregnancy at Shahzadpur Yoga Centre

Pregnancy is the most important stage of a woman’s life, along with being equally mysterious in all aspects. Our Yoga camp  for pregnancy at our yoga center near Chandigarh, Ambala for pre-post natal care has been diligently designed to provide maximum practical information on all aspects related to pregnancy.

The yoga camp at our Yoga center near Chandigarh begins with pre examination of the would be mothers for determining their suitability for the techniques which would be taught in the camp.
We begin with the physical aspect of yoga, the yoga asanas. Different asanas have been designed for different stages of pregnancy. The participants are taken through all the stages with the corresponding asanas and pranayamas in details, with emphasis on the precautions area.
The additional information provided in support of each technique being shown clears a lot of doubts in the participant’s mind related to her condition.
Relaxation plays a crucial role during the progress of pregnancy. Relaxation techniques are elaborated upon along witht he various aspects of trataka or eye exercises. Cleansing techniques cover the hygiene aspects effectively.
An expert provide easily assimilable details related to pregnancy during its various stages. Post which a questions and answer session with the participants helps clear the picture further.
Reading material related to the days teachings is provided to the participants before they leave the yoga camp at our yoga classes center near Chandigarh ( Shahzadpur)at the end of the day.

Duration: 7 hours
Charges: Rs 500 per person