Yoga Camp Retreat for Asthma near Chandigarh, Center at Shahzadpur

The Curriculum of our Asthma treatment

yoga retreat near Chandigarh,

has been designed by keeping in Mind

the overall aspect of the disease,

and how yoga can help improve, manage it.

The unique environment of the yoga retreat at

Shahzadpur provides, further impetus to the

therapeutic value of the

yoga techniques for benefitting Asthma

taught to the participants.   

Yoga Camp for Asthma near Chandigarh

The intention behind our  one day Yoga camp on Asthma  near Chandigarh is to train the participants on all the yoga techniques which will help them improve their condition of Asthma, and also impart information ancillary to it  as much as possible.  The genesis of the disease is considered to be psychosomatic in nature; the temperament and the personality of the patient plays a major role in the onset as well as the progress of the Asthma.

What we cover in our Yoga Classes for Asthma  in, near  Chandigarh?

The participants are given clarity on what are the correct symptoms of Asthma, the difference between the breathlessness in Asthma and in Tuberculosis or Bronchitis is explained in detail so that the patient can self ascertain the onset of the condition.

The campers are apprised of various modes of chemical treatments available currently,  the function and use of the bronchodilators, and Beta Edrenergics ,when necessitated,  is elaborated upon at length.   As stress is known to be one of the major causes of Asthma Yoga techniques for handling stress the healthy way for a crucial part of the curriculum.

The concept of  Lung capacity is explained with the help of a quiz and games.  It has been observed that a majority of the mild to moderate Asthmatics can get over the illness with yogic practices. Even the chronic cases can see considerable improvement  after they practice the Asthma yoga breathing exercises along with the related yoga poses for some time.

The yoga poses for Asthma include the postural drainage of the airways blocking mucous, this helps open the blocked air passages which normalises the breathing process. The importance of sleep and for a healthy and calm Mind is adequately elaborated upon along with training the campers on yoga processes which help induce sleep easily.

The participants are educated on the behavioural aspects of one’s personality which contribute to the onset of Asthma; overprotect children, and anxiety attacks are common  triggers of Asthma.  Campers learn techniques for managing anger and anxiety.  The yoga techniques for improving one’s confidence and self esteem form a significant part of the practical  Yoga sessions at the camp. 

The right way to breath and how wrong posture can contribute to a below optimal inhalation of air are highlighted. The concept of the right posture is discussed at length.  Relaxation techniques like Savasana, and Nishpanda bhava help reverse the constriction of the respiratory muscles caused due to anxiety and the accompanying panic.

The right technique of Kumbhaka pranayama, Rechaka pranayam, and the Alternate nostril breathing is taught via games and activities; all the three pranayam are crucial to increasing one’s lung capacity,  Rechaka , prolonged exhalation, pranayama being the most significant to the Asthmatics as the attach of asthma is nothing but difficulty in exhaling the air trapped within the network  of air tubes within the lungs.

Yoga amateurs would definitely be surprised to learn that regular practice of certain yoga techniques can help induce acceptance (all happenings  which are not in one’s control) in oneself. Non acceptance of one’s circumstances generate friction , disturbance in one’s energy balance leading to ailments like Asthma.

Due to its exhaustive coverage of all aspects of Asthma the yoga way every participant confidently calls it the best yoga camp near me for Asthma in Chandigarh. Outdoor yoga anyways has its own benefits.

Duration of the Camp  on Asthma – 7 Hours ( one day)

Charges for the camp on Asthma – Rs 500/-

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