Yoga Center Shahzadpur near Chandigarh, How Different it is?

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Yoga is an user manual of

how to live a human life,

the way it is meant to be lived;

it has the fundamentals,

principles and techniques of practicing,

monitoring, and rectifying one’s way

of everyday living. as per its

tenets inked by sage Patanjali

in his yoga sutras.

Yoga is not any other work out.

Hatha Yoga is different from physical exercise as it is famously taken to be.

At Yoga Center Shahzadpur, its not only the physical aspects of the body which are worked upon, in fact, an effort is made to transform the attributes of the mind towards improved realization of the consciousness by the practitioner.

Our yoga retreat near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur, is an effort towards creating conditions which would be conducive to the effective transformation of the mind through the body with yoga. Environment or ambience does help in preparing the mind for yoga at least for the beginners, though as one progresses in one’s practice one gains enough mental control, arrest the Citta, to be able to easily cut off the external factors from interfering with one’s intent of the mind.

The yoga retreat at Shahzadpur not only aids with creating the right ambience for day today yoga practice classes, but it also provides an opportunity to the aspirants to experience the entire day the yoga way.

Ideal ambience – Yoga retreat near Chandigarh – Shahzadpur

Yoga classes center at Shahzadpur is located in a fruit orchard laying, 1.5 acres area, tucked along the easy to reach national highway 73 some 2 kms from Shahzadpur main bus stand towards Saha. Owing to its semi secluded placement, 22 kms from Ambala cant and some 45 Kms from Panchkula, it provides all the benefits of being away from the madding crowd.

The region falls in the terai terrain running parallel to the Shivalik foothills along the entire northern expanse of the Indian subcontinent. The rain water rush down the Himalayas only to be absorbed in the terai lying at its foot; this keeps the region lush green and fertile round the year – the terai planes of Haryana and Punjab in India are world famous for their productivity and riches.

Boundary of Yoga center Shahzadpur, Haryana

The lush green natural environs are the source of pure prana flowing within the universe and its elements. The vegetation sooth the agitations of the mind by enhancing its receptivity to the abundance of the universal energy which pervades every corner of the yoga center located at Shahzadpur. Naturally occurring indigenous bushes like Karounda are present in abundance in the compound, It has its own health benefits.

This immensely benefit the goals of the yoga camps and the weekend yoga classes conducted here on regular basis . It is the ideal place to reap the maximum benefits from yoga for seniors or older people. The water available for use at the yoga retreat at Shahzadpur is pumped to the surface by our own borewells which cuts away any possibility of contamination of any kind during transit.

Ideal Place for Yoga camps near Chandigarh

The structure of our yoga camps near Chandigarh at our yoga retreat center at Shahzadpur asks for certain specifics in the infrastructure where ever they have to be conducted.

The periphery of the yoga center at Shahzadpur is lined with a one meter wide pathway for the after lunch stroll by the participants of the yoga camps. The view along this pathway encompassing the entire boundary of the yoga center is highly invigorating and calming.

The chirping of the wild birds, and the soothing vibrations from the movement of heavy traffic along the highway lull the mind easily into a relaxing stupor, preparing it for the relaxation processes of Savasana and the Trataka techniques for improving concentrationgazing on an object and gazing on the thumb, which are placed right after the post lunch walk in the curriculum of the yoga camps held at Shahzadpur.

Wash basins for the cleansing techniques like Jalneti or nasal cleansing with a thread in Sutra-neti are available in the open courtyard.

The participants of the Yoga camp near Chandigarh on Asthma, and the Yoga camp near Chandigarh for Hypertension can actually feel the importance of calmer surroundings in healing, managing their conditions.

The yoga retreat provides the complete experience of a yoga ashram of the era of the ancient rishis. The ashram is an ideal place for teaching and learning meditation the right way by using an object or a mantra as an aid to naturally steadying the mind, as the myriad benefits of meditating percolate all aspects of one’s life.

Yoga camps center near Chandigarh

Open Air Yoga Classes center Retreat Near Chandigarh

Learning happens best when the mind is open, an open space helps break the ceiling of a closed mind (brain is not mind)much more effectively than hours of counselling can do. In order to benefit from Hatha Yoga the student must be free of any blockages that can hinder the learning process.

Learning yoga is no exception to this rule; the yoga classes at the yoga centre are held under the Sun, in open sprawling lawns evenly carpeted with the lush green grass. Exposure to Sunlight can treat a lot of body ailments along with lifting the mood, and opening any mental blockages in case present in the individual; most of the city life is spent indoors: covered office, or closed apartment homes.

All our yoga camps as well as the yoga classes at the yoga center, Shahzadpur follow the principles of the Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali.

The unhindered sunshine filtering through the dense foliage of the retreat is potent enough to obscure the mundane daily rigmarole of the lives of the participants and give them the needed break, to think more clearly like the endless sky above.

The yoga practitioners who attend the class attempt to affect their minds by working on their bodies, where as the ambience of the retreat works from the mind to the body; benefiting the seekers from both the angles.

We believe in and teach spirituality in its raw form, the way it was intended to be, bereft of any modern commercial polishing as it is being marketed today in the yoga capital of the world.

Our yoga trainers are extensively experienced in conducting yoga classes for a variegated group with various education and economic levels. All the yoga classes conducted at the yoga center at Shahzadpur are pre-planed and structured for the maximum benefit of the participants.

Our instructions are very simple and are communicated in a manner that all the possible barriers of language, culture, and dialect are completely taken care of.

We follow the recommended guideline for our yoga asana class and make sure that our campers are made aware of the importance of the right attitude, action, and alignment while practicing yoga.

Benefits to the populace around the Yoga center

The retreat is conveniently located for the residents of cities like Ambala, Naraingarh, Panchkula, Dera bassi, Zirakpur and Chandigarh. Apart from the regular yoga classes conducted here one can even drop in for a single class wile passing the retreat on the highway in case one has time and intention for the same. Working class can avail the benefit of weekend yoga classes at the retreat as we have monthly plans for the classes happening only on weekends.

Persons looking for cure of various ailments, diseases through yoga can register for our respective yoga camps, happening on all weekends, from around the mentioned locations and benefit from the therapeutic affects of yoga. The yoga retreat center near Chandigarh at Shahzadpur fits well into the expectations of the local population who are looking for a quality yoga retreat near me.

Apart from teaching yoga techniques and procedures in our yoga classes at the retreat near Chandigarh we also provide inputs on healthy yoga diet and all the queries of the students are answered to their complete satisfaction. We also conduct online yoga classes for which we have devised the right online teaching style to make our online presence more effective.

The yoga retreat is boon for the locals as their is no structured and quality yoga teaching happening currently in the area, the nearest yoga center is supposed to be in Panchkula it seems. Some techniques like The art Reflection, use of Bhavas or attitudes with Yoga asanas and relaxing with the sound from the Singing bowl are unique to our yoga retreat.

Neelgai inside the yoga retreat center Shahzadpur

At times one can even see wildlife venturing into the premises of the yoga center. The above image is the proof of the pull of the positive energy of the yoga retreat centre on the local wildlife from around the area surrounding it.

This Neelgai, a species of large deer, was being hunted by wild dogs when it jumped the fence of the yoga center and saved itself from the attackers. The calm it is displaying in the face of the photographer is rarely witnessed in the wild.

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