Yoga Techniques for Saggy Breast, Asanas for Firm Breast

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Yoga for Firm Breasts:

 Breasts  are a part of female reproductive system.

The presence of thick tissue in the chest area of unborn female child is the precursor of the breasts, as  they will undergo various developmental changes over the course of her life. With age and wrong lifestyle the breasts in females begin to sag, yoga for firm breast helps undo the sag so set in.

The development of the breast is triggered   at puberty when the process of sexual  maturation  of the female begins,  levels of estrogen rise which initiates  the  cyclic process of  preparation for the possible pregnancy  by the female body: ovulation takes place, progesterone released post to  which initiates the development of the breasts for the first time.  

The breast tissue  differentiate into small lobes , a group of 15 – 20 lobes coalesce to form mammary glands which produce, secrete milk.  Each mammary gland gives out a milk duct, milk ducts from all the mammary glands collectively direct the milk into a common opening, the nipple.  

At puberty the connective tissues in the breasts begin to store fat which swells up their size.  This breast and duct system enlarges with time till it reaches its maximum development which is different for different females.

During pregnancy the network of milk ducts grows complex along with further  expansion in the size of the breasts.  Breasts are actually nature’s tool to provide the newly born child with the essential nourishment for its further healthy development,  all the systems of the body are not well formed at the time of the birth as  major chunk of the development of the physical body happens within a few months after  birth.  

At menopause the breast lose their firmness and shrink in size due to the fall in the level of estrogen while the female age past her reproductive years.  The main causes for sagging breasts are age,  Natural size of the breast,  gravity,   body mass index , and smoking.  The cooper’s ligaments which hold the breasts raised lose tonicity with age leaving the  glands  and the milk ducts within the breasts hanging towards gravity. 

The larger si the size of one’s breast greater will be the affect of shrinkage as the large size of normal breasts intensifies the feel of contrast after the breasts have shrunk.

Smoking  cause the collagen, elastin fibers  which structure the skin to collapse and disintegrate, this loosens the  hold on the structurally hanging breasts dipping them further down.  Genetics play a vital role in the shape, and size of the breast the female would acquire.  

Lastly, more the number of pregnancies a female goes through more are the cooper’s ligaments holding the breast stretched, over stretched ligaments of the breast  tend to lose their tautness.   One can definitely prevent sagging of the breast by working on the factors that are under one’s control: regular exercise for maintaining the proper posture, and for weight management.  Breast cancer, cysts, heart diseases, and hypertension are related to the health of the breasts. 

Yoga for Sagging breasts

Firm up Sagging breasts

Health of the breast has a direct bearing on the woman’s health, especially the heart.  Traditionally the area of the chest is associated with love ( heart), courage, and the general self-esteem.  The back bending asana as a part of the yoga exercises for the sagging breasts  expand the area of the chest for the blood to rush into and perk up the overall health of the tissues there.  

The breast tightening yoga corrects the postural defects which in turn help correct the drooping of the breasts by helping lift the hunch, and therefore  opening the closed chest , and toning the muscles of the chest.  Yoga techniques for rectifying one’s posture are also good for firming up the breasts. 

Yoga asanas for firm breasts involve certain common movements of the body like lifting the chest up to lengthen the spine and raising the arms up for pulling the muscles of the chest upwards, thereby stretching the base muscles of the chest  ( pectorals) on which the breasts remain positioned.

All the variations of the bhujangasana series work very well  for firming up the tissues of the chest as the muscles in this area are used  to l raise the upper torso similar to  the serpent’s hood.  Planks challenge the strength in the arms, chest , and core of the practitioner improving their tone in the process.  

Strengthening the  upper back and the shoulders with yoga  asanas which work on the  shoulders and the yoga exercises for toning the upper back help correct the posture, and thus keep the breasts held higher.  The problem of saggy breasts, or saggy boobs is well handled  if one can maintain one’s idle weight. Go through these tips on keeping the breasts firm.

Regularly practicing yoga  exercises for breast tightening  also help maintain one’s idle weight,  which will prevent the shrinking  down of the breasts on sudden loss of  the overdupoise due to any reason. For pregnancy related breast issues women must begin practicing yoga much before she plans  the child so that the body is already attuned to handling the implications involved in the  process of bearing a child. 

Exercises to Lift Sagging  Breasts


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