Personal Yoga Trainer in Chandigarh, Home Yoga Instructor Chandigarh

Yoga is not a discipline,

but a way of life; yoga is not an exercise,

but the natural way your body and

mind must function in.

We at Shahzadpur farm yoga provide ,

yoga trainers in Chandigarh who are

certified on classical yoga, out of which all other

forms branch out, for 900 hours.

We also have a yoga retreat near Chandigarh at our farm at Shahzadpur.

Yoga Trainer at home in Chandigarh

Our personal yoga trainer in Chandigarh services are available throughout Mohali, Chandigarh, Panchkula, and Zirakpur areas.  We use Patanjali’s classical yoga techniques not only for transforming the physical body but we coach our clients on how to go about their whole lives the yogic way.  Our Yoga Trainer in Chandigarh do not teach yoga asana as a mere mechanical formation, but we facilitate a proper understanding of doing the yoga posture and the related techniques.  

Benefits our Yoga instructor for Home in Chandigarh provide

 Learn yoga from our certified trainers who have had a rich experience of teaching yogic principles to individuals with varying social, cultural, and physical diversities all over the world.   The differences in expectations from yoga abound among individuals at different stages of life and health conditions. Our personal yoga trainer in Chandigarh are trained to understand and deliver fulfilling yoga sessions  as per their specific requirements. Our trainers diligently  follow the basics, as devised by us , of conducting a yoga class along with adhering to the rules of delivering systematic and easily comprehensible instructions.

The curriculum of our yoga classes in Chandigarh is designed to help improve one’s daily productivity at all levels. Yoga an also help one manage one’s relationships and emotions more effectively as it’s daily practice holds the potential of transforming the mind towards positivity. Ones the understanding of the self and one’s place in the universe begins to clear up a hitherto unknown sense of satisfaction, and  relaxation sets in automatically, which infuses all the areas of  one’s personality with hope, motivation, and self esteem.

Our yoga trainer in Chandigarh include the corresponding  bhava, out of the four yogic bhavas,  in their instructions while teaching yoga pose to their clients. Yoga bhavas, or the yoga attitudes help intensify the related posture which enhance its  intended  effectiveness on the  body as well as the mind.  Indentification of, and the inclusion of bhavas is unique to our  yoga training all over the world.  We have a very deep clarity on how yoga works on on’e body, this arms us with the ability to help different body types to achieve their targeted physical and mental goals with more precision.

Our  teachings strictly follow Patanjali’s yoga sutras in enumerating, and explaining the concepts weaved around yoga practices.  We specialize in –

  • Yoga for Weight loss
  • Yoga for Flexibility
  • Yoga for pre- post natal care


Personal  Yoga Trainer in Chandigarh Class Details

Duration of the yoga Class in Chandigarh – 1 Hour

Structure of the Yoga Class in Chandigarh:

Conditioning – 3 – 5 Mins

Yoga Postures – 35 minutes

Relaxation techniques – 7  – 10 minutes

Pranayama practice  – 12-15 Minutes ( with inputs on how to extract maximum benefits from pranayama)

Class ends with OM Chanting for three times  ( re -conditioning)

Yoga class in Chandigarh Fees – Rs 8000/- for 12 sessions in a month / 3 sessions per week on alternate days

Call us at 9930554382 for any further  clarifications or discussions you may want to have related to our  Home Yoga Instructor Chandigarh Classes.

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