Rejuvenating Yoga Poses, Techniques for Staying Young

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Rejuvenating yoga poses:

Ageing is the process of destruction of the living cell.

Humans who are made up of living cells are mortal; they are born, attain youth, and finally age and die. The body growth is aided by constructive processes (anabolism), within its cells till age 15 years.

Rejuvenating yoga poses help re-activate these processes. Rather the degeneration of faculties begins as soon as one enters teenage;

teenagers lose the ability to hear high frequency sounds which they were able to hear when they were younger.  After 25 the cognition ability begins to reduce, and after age 30 the body mass begins to decline.  The aging process is wired within our DNA at the time of our conception.  This is how nature works, and we do not have any option but to bow before the will of nature.

Since ageing is a natural process it doesn’t have to be always bad.  The problem starts when we with our ways of living not only accelerate the ageing process but turn it into suffering and pain.  Healthy ageing is the term used to describe the condition where the functional ability is guarded and maintained for a healthy , and happy old age.  

Apart from other destructive changes  which take place within us while we jump years in our lives  even the life sustaining process  of digestion releases  cell destroying free radicals as one of the outcomes of the process of breaking down of the food.  

The more the free radicals in the body the faster it will age.  Disturbed circadian cycle – body’s internal clock -,  unhealthy eating habits, poor stress management, and weak defense against the daily emotional onslaught spikes up the otherwise slow to move ageing process.

We clog our minds with negative emotions, internal body spaces with blocking garbage in the name of food and then  feel shocked and surprised at being detected with life threatening medical condition.  Toxins stay in the body leaving it lethargic and dull.  

The mind loses its efficiency affecting the quality of one’s life, and the enthusiasm to carry on with life dips to abysmal levels.  What has happened to me? This is what we ask while sitting at the verge of giving up on everything.  What has happened is that we ourselves have pushes our bodies toward s ageing. So what can one do to get out of this rut and begin to look at the sky and actually live life instead of dragging with it?

Energize your Body and Mind with Yoga

The first benefit which the rejuvenating yoga poses gifts the practitioner is that it relieves the stress. Stress is the cause of all destructive processing happening within the body, in fact presence of stress  spikes up the catabolic ( destructive ) activities inside the body  which  lead to early ageing. 

Rejuvenating yoga poses  to remove lethargy, eliminate tamas

The practitioner learns to respond differently to the stressors, by identifying the stressors, or not let the external stressors to affect one’s well-being.  As the elimination system of the body loses its potency with ageing the toxins remain lingering within the body systems affecting their efficiencies.  Yoga for staying young help cleanse the body of these toxins. 

The yoga asanas and pranayama generate toxin clearing heat within the body which sweat out the harmful salts and other elements detrimental to one’s health. A healthy body is a younger body.   The outgoing toxins  create space for the intake of more nourishment which can repair the dyeing cells, and add more healthier cells to  our organ systems.  Yoga prevents the degeneration of cells due to erroneous life style and helps maintain  the optimal body mass  for any age.

Stiffness is due to blockages within the open system that the human body is.  Restorative yoga for rejuvenation increases the flexibility of the major body joints which keeps the functionality of the skeletal system at its best, a flexible skeleton is a young skeleton which promotes a young and healthy body.  The health of the heart is directly related to one’s span of life.  

Yoga program for rejuvenation via its aerobic implications keeps the cardiac health in tis pink.  A healthy heart is the key to proper and healthy circulation of the blood (transportation of the nutrients within the body) which is essential to rebuilding the cell structures for a longer and healthier life span.   A youthful glow on the face of a regular practitioner of yoga, irrespective of age, is his hallmark of beaming health.

Yoga for staying young benefits by maintaining the sense of balance and preserving the strength of the muscles,  the keeps vitality of the mind as well as  the body at its peak or as it  is in youth even in later years.  

Someone has rightly  said , “ youth has vitality but not wisdom, a combination which is against any achievements, old age has wisdom but no vitality,  again a combination not conducive to any achievement,” but yoga for anti aging and rejuvenation  places vitality with wisdom as we age, the best combination for achieving anything.

Rejuvenating Yoga Poses to Activate body and Mind



Ujjayi Pranayama

Prithvi Mudra

Khechari Mudra

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