Yoga Camp on Diabetes, Retreat near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur

Frustration, negativity, and anxiety

are the researched begetters of Diabetes;

yoga is the only potent weapon known,

to conquer these three aberrations of Mind,

in the most effective manner.

science, majorly rely on empirical attributes

of the physical body, and thus has not been

able to traverse beyond the physical symptoms of the diseases, or bodily disorders. The Diabetes managMedicalement yoga camp at our retreat near Chandigarh at Shahzadpur helps the participants learn to prevent and manage the disease from the psychological angle as well.

Yoga Camp for Diabetes

Yoga has been successfully helping people suffering from type II diabetes – where less that optimal amount of insulin is secreted by the pancreas – lead a normal and prolonged life since ages now. Less production of insulin means lesser amount of glucose – in the blood – will be converted into energy for the use of the various functions of the body, this leaves large amounts of unutilized sugar (glucose) in the blood leading to the symptoms and the complications related to diabetes.

The excessive sugar finds its way out with the urine of the patient, since lesser blood sugar gets converted to energy, the demand for energy of the body remaining the same, the body triggers its hunger response leading to increased appetite in diabetics. Increased thirst is another common symptom of diabetes.

How Yoga Classes for Diabetes near Chandigarh Can Help

Yoga classes for Diabetes near Chandigarh train the campers on all the aspects of the disease and its management. Ways of maintaining cleanliness in order to avoid disease, and following a good exercise regime form the part of the curriculum of the details we teach on yoga therapy for diabetes in our camp.

We are the best consultants for the patients around Shahzadpur, Chandigarh and are the first choice for the one’s looking for yoga camp near me for diabetes in Chandigarh as our camp encompasses change in lifestyle, and mental attitudes along with tremendous motivation and will power enhancement as a part of outdoor yoga benefits.

The emphasis in the camp is placed on yoga diet, sleep and maintaining the right posture as stepping stones towards managing diabetes. Yoga for managing anxiety along with yoga pranayams, and asanas which specifically target the production of insulin within the pancreas form the major chunk of the one-day camp on diabetes near Chandigarh at our yoga therapy for diabetes camp. 

Weight management, one of the major concerns and the causes of diabetes, is best executed with yoga which attacks the problem from multiple angles – behavior, thinking patterns, and the mind, unlike other forms of exercise which just target the physical accumulation of extra fat in the body.

Our yoga for Diabetes program helps the participants to achieve optimum weight, lower cholesterol levels, improve blood circulation, and helps relieve stress.  Yoga increases the number of insulin receptors and increases glucose consumption by the muscles. The yoga therapy for diabetes at our Yoga retreat near Chandigarh includes asana, pranayama, kriyas, bandhas, bhavas, and the training on how to overcome kleshas. A thorough over all checkup of all the campers is done before the camp actually begins.

The yoga techniques we include in the yoga camp near me for diabetes in Chandigarh help balance the muscular development with the functions of the vital organs. The asana are chosen to exercise the vertebral column in all possible directions in order to optimize the neuro muscular activity.

Ardhmatsyendrasana (Half Fish Pose), Gomukhasana (Cow Face Pose), Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend), and Nishpanda bhava form an integral part of the armour of yoga techniques used to defeat diabetes. Yoni mudra is taught in particular for releasing anxiety. Jalneti, Kapalbhati, and Trataka are taught as they are known to improve the bodies resistance to diabetes.

All the steps of the eight fold path of yoga are touched upon as they help transform the individual at the physical, mental, moral, intellectual, and spiritual levels leading to a ailment free individual.

Duration of the yoga camp on Diabetes – 7 hours ( one day)
Charges for the Camp on Diabetes – Rs 500/-
Contact 9930554382 any questions you would have. 

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