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Pregnancy is a feeling of having the power,

to create life from within oneself,

endowed upon by  nature itself on every

woman (and upon every man via her).

Both the parents to be experience

a medley of emotions,

ones they become aware of the onset

of the creation of life via to them: fear excitement,

and apprehensions accompany the elated mood.

Yoga Camp for Pregnancy

Yoga, being a natural way to health and wellness, proposes a positive state of mind. Nurturing the sensitivities, and the sensibilities of the unborn child begins in the womb itself; this is known as pre-natal care of the expecting mother. Every sound and vibration the mother to be experience has its impact on honing the physical as well as the psychological personality of the fetus developing within the mother.

Yoga for increasing self-esteem, and the yoga processes for maintaining a calmer state of mind come handy in keeping the psyche of the mother in balance; the unborn child is directly connected to the energies, and bodily processes of the mother via the cable of placenta, everything the mom to be goes through leaves its imprint on the being within her. 

Pre-natal care advocates serene and calm state of mind for the pregnant mother.  Our camp for pre- natal and post-natal yoga near Chandigarh clearly lays out the dos and don’ts of the daily routines she must adhere to: not to stand for long, avoid exhaustion, and keeping the thoughts pure, unadulterated, and joyful.

How can our Pregnancy classes near Chandigarh help?

Yoga techniques that benefit the Pelvis form an integral part of the course of our pregnancy classes near Chandigarh at Shahzadpur. The campers are encouraged to sit, or squat on the floor in order to stretch the muscles, ligaments, and tendons of this regions for facilitating an easy child birth.

The complete basic biology of the reproductive system is explained, and every doubt, or query of the campers is cleared by our experts. Mothers-to-be can get scared, or confused about changes their body undergoes during pregnancy; increased frequency of urination, occasional feeling of nausea and vomiting, appearance of stretch marks & the urge to scratch the skin.

Our pregnancy classes near Chandigarh help clarify all the doubts and reasons behind these developments to the participants.

The Campers are trained on yoga techniques to handle stress, and different pranayama like abdominal breathing to help relax the mind in case it goes tense at this time.  Information on what is healthy eating? and the dos and don’ts about healthy eating habits are covered comprehensibly in our pregnancy classes near Chandigarh.

Also, our Post- natal yoga near Chandigarh classes specifically teach the yoga techniques which help alleviate stretch marks to our campers in order to help them erase any possible permanent marks of pregnancy from the body.  Yoga techniques for inducing sleep easily help the pregnant mother over come the discomfort of insomnia due to the minor displacement of internal organs like the diaphragm, and the stomach caused by the growing fetus.

The teaching of the bhavas, especially the Dharma bhava, which forms the part of the curriculum of our pregnancy classes near Chandigarh, helps the mother keep her sense of duty towards herself up irrespective of her social obligation at the moment.

Proper knowledge of vital minerals and where to get them from is discussed in detail to the complete satisfaction of the participants of our pre as well as our post-natal yoga classes in Chandigarh, Yoga for improving blood circulation as taught in our Yoga camp retreat for pre post natal care near Chandigarh, also strengthens the muscles around the uterus in preparation for cushioning the impending strain labor and delivery for the expecting mother.

Maintaining a correct Standing posture, in particular to the correct alignment of the spine comes under stress due to the protruding weight of the growing baby in the abdominal area.  Inclusion of yoga postures for strengthening the spine at the pre-natal stage successfully help counter this undue stress on the lumbar spine, along with the associated ailments like lower back pain, at the pre-natal stage. 

Relaxation is paramount for women during, as well as post pregnancy as it is vital to the over all health of the baby within the womb, and for the well being of the mother after the birth.  Our post-natal yoga near Chandigarh classes encompass time tested relaxation yoga techniques like Savasana, along with Nishpanda bhava, and Dradasana.

We also include innovative ways to relax, taken from daily life,  so that the campers may choose what works best for them. Proper yoga breathing techniques if practiced regularly during the pre-natal phase can help ease the labor pain by learning to synchronize them with the waves, rhythm of the uterine contractions women experience during delivery.

The ambience of the Yoga retreat near Chandigarh aids in enhancing the overall impact of the yoga techniques taught in our pregnancy classes near Chandigarh. Outdoor yoga has its own benefits.

Duration of the Yoga Camp on Pregnancy – 7 Hours ( one day)

Charges for the Yoga Camp on Pregnancy – Rs 500/-

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