Yoga Camp for Heart Problems near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur

Human heart, though just a pump,

is intrinsically connected to emotions

 which emanate from the Mind.

Our Yoga classes for

heart problem near Chandigarh,

help the participants understand

the working of the heart,

along with  how can yoga help prolong the health

of this vital organ. 

Our Yoga camp for heart disease near Chandigarh clearly differentiates between different issues of the  heart and train our campers on handling them separately.

Yoga Camp for Heart

Bradycardia – A condition where the heart beat slows down and the pulse rate drops to less than 60 times in a minute.

Tachycardia – when the rate of pulse crosses 100 per minute.

Rheumatic heart Disease – If a particular germ residing in the throat  destroys the valves of the heart in case ingested.

Ischaemic  heart disease – when the muscles of the heart itself receive less than adequate amount of blood.

Angina Pectoris  – the pain felt in the muscles of the heart due to lack of supply of blood to it.

Heart attack – The coronary artery which supplies blood to a section of the heart gets completely blocked due to the deposition of cholesterol within it, this begins to destroy that section of the heart.

Normally, the common factors which cause heart disease are ageing, gender ( men are more inclined), genetic factors, Hypertension, Obesity with high levels of cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle,  smoking,  stress, and homocyctein.

The effort at our meditation camps near  Chandigarh at Shahzadpur for cardiac issues are to understand each of the causes and attack them from all angles with the help of yoga concept and the techniques.

Why to attend the Yoga Camp for heart disease near Chandigarh?

The struggle to adjust to one’ s continuously changing environment  is called stress, and the ideal ambience of our yoga retreat near Chandigarh is just perfect for dissipating stress the moment one step into it.  Our yoga camp at Shahzadpur  for heart  diseases begins  by making our participants aware of all the possible sources of stress, by giving them a stress test. Another test on knowledge about heart highlights one’s awareness, or lack of it on the subject. 

The retreat near Chandigarh is in itself a pleasant escape from the monotony  of day to day  city life, stress being an inherent aspect of it.  The environment at the yoga classes for heart problem near Chandigarh, Ambala  provide a opportunity to step back and  look at one’s present  level of stress,  look at the problem as a witness, without being entangled into it. It provides all the benefits of outdoor yoga practice.

The Campers  are trained on various yogic relaxation techniques like Savasana (Corpse Pose), Nishpanda bhava,  and Padmasana  for managing their daily stress.  The participants at  the camp are also made to learn techniques of keeping one’s thoughts and behaviour  positive for maintaining a healthy heart. 

 The yoga trainers at the camp not only teach various techniques, but also explain the why ? behind all the yoga techniques and how they work on human body.  We incorporate the corresponding Bhavas with asana for intensifying their impact.  Techniques like Anitya bhavana once leant help the  practitioner to develop disinterest towards the material world and maintain an objective view of life.

Diet for a healthy heart is an important part of the curriculum of the yoga camp near Chandigarh for heart problems.  The campers are educated on the details of all the important vitamins which are crucial to a balanced and a healthy diet.  Nutritive value of daily food one takes at home is also discussed at length along with the dos and don’ts related to one’s daily meals. 

 Attitude training for good health forms a highlight of the curriculum of the yoga camp for one day at our yoga retreat.  We have intensive experience on handling various aspects of the heart disease that our camp perfectly fits into the concept of the best yoga camp near me for coronary heart disease  for residents of around Chandigarh, Ambala region at Shahzadpur in Haryana, India.

We have been successfully able to establish the benefits of yoga at curing as well as preventing the heart disease based on the results we have received at our  meditation camp near Chandigarh for Cardiac issues.  

Duration of the Camp – 7 Hours ( one day)

Charges for the yoga camp on heart – Rs 500/-

Contact 9930554382 for any further enquiries.

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