Yoga Camp on Hypertension, High BP near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur

Hypertension, or High blood pressure

is known to attack,

at least 40 percent of those who are

above 45 years of age.

Majority of the victims being males,

those who are overweight,

worry a lot, are too much tense or stressed or are too much lazy.

Hypertension as a disease is proliferating

at a very high speed in the industrially developed countries.

A rich protein  and fat diet, excessive use of alcohol and tobacco, lack of exercise,  excessive work stress,  atmospheric pollution , aggressive behaviour are some of the other contributory factors causing the issue of high blood pressure.  Hypertension has gained the status of a very common disease which carry the potential  to damage one’s brain, heart, kidneys, eyes and many other body organs.

Hypertension Yoga Camp near me

Blood pressure is created within the arteries by the beating ( contraction ( systole )  and relaxation ( diastole)) of the heart acting as a pump which regulated blood circulation within the body. Blood pressure is the force by which the blood flow within the circulatory system.

The minimum normal blood pressure required to maintain the health of all the systems of the body is 120/80 mm/hg, 120 systolic and 80 diastolic pressure.  Science has found clear evidence that  people who live longer than average have their blood pressure on the lower side to the normal – 100-110/60 mm/hg.

Hypertension on the other hand means blood pressure on the higher side than the normal. It is also known as essential hypertension.  Very rarely blood pressure can also shoot up due to some kidney diseases or endocrine disorders, such a case of high blood pressure is known as secondary hypertension.  Age, heredity, salt intake, smoking, and obesity are other factors which can trigger hypertension.

If treated with drugs, they need to be taken for lifetime and can even entail drug related complications in some cases.  The best treatment for high blood pressure would be  naturally keeping away from the triggers with some life style changes introduced in daily living. Learning to relax has been found to alleviate hypertension to a significant level.

How Yoga Camp on Hypertension at Shahzadpur, Near Chandigarh can help?

The yoga for high blood pressure techniques used at our camp for hypertension at our Shahzadpur yoga center located near Chandigarh have special yoga relaxation techniques like Savasana for deep yoga relaxation. Medical statistics state that 80 percent of the diseases are caused by the mind; stress and tension being the main factors involved.

We help our campers identify their stressors. In yoga therapy relaxation plays an antidote to stress and tension. The environment at our yoga retreat is naturally conducive to keeping one’s mind relaxed and enhancing the benefits of the relaxation techniques, being taught there, like relaxing with nature and it’s processes

A few decades ago hypertension was not even  recognised as a separate disease and was being addressed as heart problem as then there were no instruments available to check the related parameters.  We at our Yoga camp for hypertension near Chandigarh teach simple breathing exercises to be dome on daily basis.

Breathing exercises as a part of yoga for blood pressure cure need to be done without retention of breath, as it helps re-oxygenate the blood which carries prana to the devitalized heart and the connected blood vessels. This helps restore the natural functions of the body.

The participants at the camp for Hypertension are trained on keeping their  attention on the breath which helps as an aid to keeping away the worries along with enhancing the concentration power of the mind. A concentrated mind is a peaceful mind. We recommend a low protein, low fat yoga diet to our students at the yoga camp for hypertension at Shahzadpur center, near Chandigarh.

Vegetarian diet with low spice and salt content helps keep the unnecessary stimulants away. The campers are educated on how canned food with additives, salt and sugar are detrimental to patients of hypertension.

Uncooked food being  healthy food  (fresh fruits and vegetable salads) is encouraged, and use of alcohol and tobacco are contraindicated.  Yoga provides a safe and effective exercise necessary for keeping the whole body healthy.

Yoga asanas taught as yoga for beginners with high blood pressure at our yoga camp near Chandigarh for hypertension are not fatiguing but anabolic in nature, or that helps build up the body tissue.  We also include yoga techniques which help improve blood circulation in our curriculum for the camp on hypertension.

Yoga deep relaxation relaxes the heart and rejuvenates the body. Yoga mind control exercises help one develop positive attitude of mind. Simple meditation practice taught to our campers help one live in present and keep stress and tension away  which help heal hypertension. We also train our students in  simple techniques to stop worrying for good while they benefit from outdoor yoga practices.

Duration of the Camp  on Asthma – 7 Hours ( one day)

Charges for the camp on Asthma – Rs 500/-

Contact 9930554382 for any enquiries further

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