Orthopaedic (Joints), Bones Yoga Camp near Chandigarh, Shahzadpur

The various joints of the body

remain subject to degeneration,

maximum wear and tear in a life span,

as they bear  the weight of the body,

along with the friction generated by

various body movements,

which can be possible only with their presence. 

The physical body is in fact a projection

of one’s Mind in 3 dimensions; the state of mind,

and the level of once consciousness impacts the skeletal system like all other vital organs.

Yoga Camp for Orthopaedic problems

The Mind is in turn very closely affected by  almot all the aspects of one’s like; ahar ( diet), achar( behaviour),  vihar ( recreation) and vichar( thought process). The rate at which the increasing pace of technology is impacting these four pillars of one’s health keeping a balance between them is becoming an almost insurmountable challenge.

Thus, the first attempt we make at our yoga camp for joints , or the Orthopedic yoga camp near Chandigarh which is held  at our yoga retreat at Shahzadpur is to bring this balance in our participants lives. Yoga in fact helps by eliminating the problem at the mental level by working at the physical level.

Only a healthy mind can regulate proper coordination, and harmony between the  various  parts of the bones forming the joints  while it  creates motion, an unhealthy mind  creates disharmony in the movements of the moving parts causing joint issues  like joint pain.   We try to help or campers regain the mental balance by training them on inculcating discipline and positive thinking,  routines, regular exercise, and stress  management.

What to expect from our Yoga camp for joints near Chandigarh?

At the one day yoga camp for joints the participants are made to experience the practical aspects of all the four pillars of a healthy body via a healthy and balanced mind.  We teach yoga for joints, importance of being in the present, inculcating faith,  significance of and how to enhance one’s power of concentration,  relaxation techniques,  and  yoga for increasing one’s self esteem.  

Yoga for  maintaining  a healthy spine  forms the crux of the yoga techniques we tech at our yoga camp for orthopaedic issues at our retreat near Chandigarh, because spine, or the vertebral column is the fulcrum of most of the movements made by the skeletal  system.

Here, yoga for  improving one’s posture, along with giving emphasis on how to maintain the correct standing posture form the highlights of the camp.  Posture is the first casualty of a stressed out mind, the stress shows first with easily visible signs in the stooping frame of the victim. So, one of the cardinal principles of the yoga for managing stress  is to strengthen up one’s posture to help release stress from one’s mind.

 Our yoga Camp for orthopaedic issues cover conditions like prolapsed of the cervical disc, cervical Spondylosis,  Cervical root canal stenosis,  Slipped disc, Sciatica nerve pain, Rheumatoid arthritis, and knee pain relief yoga.  Yoga Asanas like Gomukhasana, Cobra pose, or  Bhujangasana are taught with different variations for different  levels of the conditions afflicting our campers.

Basic breathing exercises along with other practices like the Sunyaka  pranayama  are taught at the camp which has a proven history of working as pain killers for these conditions related to the bones and the joints.

Poor muscle tone and strength is the root cause of most of the disharmony associated with the working of the joints.  We teach basic neck & head exercises along with the yoga techniques which help relieve arthritis to our campers which help them maintain the optimal muscles tone keeping most of the orthopaedic issues listed here at bay throughout their lives. 

Yoga techniques for  burning the belly fat help take off extra stress from the lumbar region of the spine, this helps take care of the condition known as lumbar canal stenosis in the long run, the protruding belly fat accentuates the lumbar arch to the point of discomfort while sitting as well as standing.

The participants of our yoga camp for joints are trained on how to keep their body weight within the optimum range which helps by keeping  extra stress off the joints, especially the knee joint which is the most vulnerable joint in the entire body.  Our specially designed knee pain relief yoga exercises help  by preventing  as well as  relieving the afflicted of the debilitating knee pain in case already present.

Owing to its unique location of our yoga center and the conditions it offers our  yoga camp for joints at our Yoga center at Shahzadpur is considered as the best  yoga camp on orthopaedic issues near me  by most of our participants and the populace residing in and around Chandigarh. Outdoor yoga benefits is an added advantange here.

Duration of the Orthopaedic Yoga camp near Chandigarh –   7 hours ( one day)

Charges for the yoga camp for joints – Rs 500/-

Contact at 9930554382 for any other queries.

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