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Yoga Concepts  – Here you will receive articles elaborating upon the various techniques and the concepts related to the same. Our blogs do not just place the techniques of doing certain asanas, or pranayamas as would be expected from any yoga website in general.  The processes of Yoga – asanas, pranayamas etc – are detailed separately on our website in order to keep this distinction intact, so that our readers can easily absorb the larger picture.

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras written by the sage himself, spread across four chapters. These sutras are the basic fundamentals of Yoga, the essence of which is completely ignored by the modern exponents of this ancient treatise. Our Blog has a separate category on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali wherein we regularly update on discussions,  explanation of the sutras, and how we can incorporate these fundamentals of yoga in our daily life. 

Yoga Therapy –  Modern man looks at Yoga as an elixir of all physical, mental pain and discomfort.  Today “Yoga Therapy” is a popular term being used across continents. Medical science is somewhere limited by the principles verified only through the five senses. The advantages of  Hatha Yoga work beyond that. 

A lot that happens in our universe cannot be just explained by simple logic. These phenomena find cogent explanations in Yoga. We at Shahazadpur Farm Yoga regularly post articles related to the therapeutic aspects of Yoga. Our articles are adequately researched and the information provided in there is usable and comprehensive, keeping the aspects of the modern living in Mind. 

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