Improve Blood Flow with Yoga, Poses for Circulation and Energy

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Improve blood flow with yoga:

Circulatory system is a relay of blood vessels carrying oxygenated, nutrients rich blood from the heart to every tissue in the body via the arteries, and the deoxygenated blood back to the heart via veins.

The arteries begin at the heart and end at the respective destination tissue; the veins begin at the final destinations and end at the heart. It’s a transportation system of the body which keeps the body parts supplied, and connected at the nourishment level. On can easily improve blood flow with yoga.

The movement of the venous blood is majorly against the force of gravity, from below the level of the heart than with gravity. The reverse is true of the flow of blood in the arteries.  The heart is the organ which provides the necessary push, force to make keep the flow of blood through the blood vessels at a minimum required pressure.  

Anything above or below it can prove detrimental to all the systems of the body connected via these ducts.  The functions of the organs receiving the blood are in tune with the normal blood pressure generated by the heart within the circulatory system.  Any fluctuation in the rate of flow of the blood through the blood vessels directly impacts the functioning of the connected organs.

Thus it is very crucial to maintain the pressure at which the blood flows within the body at normal rate:  120 systolic and 80 diastolic. The blood absorbs nutrients from the intestines and oxygen from the lungs for supplying these to the cells for growth and their proper functioning.  It also carries the deoxygenated blood from the cells back to the lungs for reload itself again with the fresh oxygen.

Poor blood circulation will reduce the supply of these essential nutrients to the respective cells and organ systems leading to various health issues associated with the same.  The  first signals related to poor blood circulation that the body gives out  are persistent fatigue, numbness or cold sensation in the feet and hands, cramping of the legs, blanching  and drying of the skin, pain in the calves, loss of appetite, hypertension, or erectile disorders, loss of hair and nails going brittle. Moreover poor blood circulation can lead to number of other medical conditions.

Improve Blood Flow with Yoga in Body

Peripheral arteries disease or the narrowing of the blood vessels that decrease the flow of blood to the extreme ends of the body like the hands and the feet.  Sometimes solid matter builds up within the arteries which reduces their capacity to carry blood to the various body parts. This condition is known as atherosclerosis in which the arteries become stiff.  

In case the plague in the carotid artery , the blood vessel which supplies blood to the brain, is left untreated the reduced blood to the brain can result in a  stroke.  Similarly heart attack can result from the reduced blood supply to the muscles of the heart due to the narrowing of or stiffening of the related arteries.

Yoga for healthy blood circulation, yoga techniques that boost blood circulation

Yoga asanas for improving blood circulation help by dilating the affected arteries which increases the diameter of the blood vessel which was previously affected by PAD or atherosclerosis. This enhances the dilated artery’s carrying capacity improving the supply of blood to the affected areas.  

Yoga for poor blood circulation increases the rate of metabolism within the muscles associated with these arteries which renders them supply enough to be able to transport increased volumes of blood to the areas of its deficiency.  Yoga also enervates the nerves associated with the muscles around the affected arteries which spikes the overall transportation of the blood through them.

Another reason for poor blood circulation is the formation of the blood clots within the blood vessels which blocks the flow of blood through them.  Yoga asanas for improving blood circulation trigger the release of blood clot dissolving chemicals like tissue type plasminogen. 

These chemicals dissolve off any obstructing clots in the arteries which facilitates the free flow of blood through them.  Another reason for an obstructed blood flow especially in the lower extremities is the presence of varicose veins

Yoga for varicose veins, particularly the yoga asanas which involve placing the legs higher than the position of the heart – inversions –   takes the help of gravity for releasing the obstructed flow of blood through the contortions of varicose veins down the raised legs and towards the heart.  Inverted Yoga poses also help increase blood circulation to the brain and the face due to the inverted gravity principle itself.

Individuals suffering from diabetes are prone to poor blood circulation especially to the legs, thighs and buttocks. Yoga for Diabetes helps improve blood circulation by lifting the restrictions posed by it on the circulation of the blood throughout the body. 

Obesity is another factor which squeeze reduces the flow of blood in the body. Obese people tend to have sedentary lifestyle which is an indirect cause for decreased flow of blood through the system.  Overweight can press reduce the blood flow vessels  along with causing obstructions via creating contortions – varicose veins- within the blood vessels.  

Yoga to boost blood flow aids by reducing the overall weight of the individual which lifts the extra weight induced pressure from above the blood vessels, allowing them to expand to their full capacities.

Yoga to Boost Blood Circulation

Adhomukhasvan Asana




Sunyaka Pranayama


Uddiyana Bandha

Utthita Trikonasana

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