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Updated: Jan 19

Every Yoga class running, begins with a motive which in turn creates it's soul. We at our Yoga classes, Bandra West, firmly believe in the raw and original power of the Classical Yoga of Patanjali. This comprises of a string of aphorisms - Yoga Sutras - compiled by sage Patanjali, the Mind being central to its teachings, as your body is nothing but a 3D expression of your Mind itself. Your body will look beautiful and healthy only and only if your Mind is so.

Being aware of your Mind through your Mind itself is the biggest paradox of human existence. We at Shahzadpur farm Yoga's Yujdhara Yoga class seek to incorporate these subtleties in our teachings so that our clients can savour the overall flavour of Yoga and not something that is very parochial in nature. In order to keep the quality of the yoga class intact we precisely adhere to the basic rules for teaching yoga online even in our virtual sessions.

Yoga Studio, Patanjali Yoga Classes
  • First of all the ambience in the Yoga Studio Class in Bandra West is more of a Yoga Ashram or garden nestled on a terrace of one of the older residential flats at just 10 minutes walking distance from Bandra station. The space is enough to comfortably accommodate at the most 10 practitioners at a time. The space is covered by adjacent walls on two sides, the opposite two sides are open and look over to a refreshingly small verdant terrace garden. The garden is separated from the Yoga space by metal grills adorned with Bamboo strip curtains giving it more of a rustic look.

  • Since the space allows for accommodating only a maximum of 10 practitioners, the interaction between the trainers and them is much closer. Our trainers are well versed in philosophy of Hatha yoga and its benefits. The trainer is thus able to more closely understand the individual flexibility and endurance levels during the session, and is able to customize the movements accordingly for them without eating into the time of the fellow participants. It also aids in deepening the feeling of involvement in the students which is mostly lacking in larger group.

  • The trainers at Yoga classes in Bandra West, make sure that the participants get used to the proper principles of alignment and adjustments involved in each of the techniques of yoga we teach. Proper breathing pattern is incorporated in every single movement that is undertaken, aiding the participants with experiencing the much deeper sensations which are otherwise missed out. We make sure that the yoga techniques are practiced with a proper understanding of the role action, attitude, and alignment plays in it. Asanas being accompanied by complimentary breathing patterns ensures that the posture is easy to get into. Moreover the complex looking postures are sequentially broken down to basic stretches and movements in a graded manner for the ease of understanding and progression of the practitioner in the same.

  • At Shahzadpur Farm Yoga the class structure follows the basic Yoga sequence as recommended by the experts: conditioning; asanas; relaxation techniques and it ends with pranayamas. The efficacy of the class is evident from the degree of calmness on each face right after relaxation. The emphasis in pranayamas is on increasing the lung capacity before the practitioner can take on to more demanding breathing movements as is a necessity for advanced pranayamas.

  • It is made sure that the asanas in each class, at Yoga classes at home, or at the yoga studio in Bandra West are adequately drenched in the matching Bhavas. Bhava is the attitude, intention or feeling which is supposed to be generated in the practitioner on account of doing a particular asana. Also if we perform a particular asana by voluntarily cultivating the corresponding feeling or attitude it enhances the overall impact of that particular asana along with making it easier to get into. The entire group of Yoga asanas can be segregated under four Bhavas: Dharma ( Discipline, duty); Jnana ( awareness, knowledge);c Vairagya ( let go, relaxation) and Aisvarya ( Self esteem, energy and motivation. We incorporate the corresponding Bhavas into the asanas in a very simple and lucid manner.

  • At the time of joining our Yoga classes in Bandra West, each individual is tested for the existing flexibility levels and stiffness areas are identified. There on a proper progress plan is chalked out individually and explained to the participants. Yoga is not just about mechanical movements , its more about the individual personalities, Mind sets and temperaments of individuals behind those movements.

We make sure that each individual practicing with us leaves the mat with a clearer, calmer and a motivated Mind.

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