Yoga Asanas for High BP, Treatment for High Blood Pressure

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Yoga for high blood pressure:

Hypertension or high blood pressure as it is known affects around 40 percent of the male population, which is above 40 years of age.

Its victims are majorly the ones who either  worry a lot, are overweight, are very ambitious, overloaded with work, who are stressed out or those who stay idle. Hypertension is also known to have affinity to the ones who abuse drugs and the alcohol. Yoga for high blood pressure help control this problem.

The causes of high BP  in  the wealthy developed countries are a diet rich in protein, ever increasing air pollution levels, smoking and sedentary lifestyles.  All this culminates into agitated living, tired nerves, and irregular lifestyle habits, failed attempts at relaxation  leading to disturbed sleeping habits, persistent feeling of insecurity due to lack of faith and  culturally generated selfish outlook at everything that is life.

People in underdeveloped regions of the world suffer from the pangs of the economic migration from an agrarian society to an industrial one and the chaotic lifestyle that comes in its wake. Industrial revolution has given birth to congested living with poor hygienic conditions,  food infested with  hazardous chemicals, all this and more are equal contributors to the spike in the blood pressure of the inhabitants  of these regions known as cities in modern times.

High blood pressure, or hypertension is a common affliction. The blood flowing at higher rate through the organs via the blood vessels can damage brain, kidneys, eyes and the heart. Blood pressure is the force by which the blood flows in the arteries by the pumping action of the heart.  

The beat of the  heart which pushes the blood into the circulatory system  with an optimal force is known as a systole,  force applied here is greater as this action of the heart is solely responsible for pushing the blood into all the extremities of the body.   The relaxed pause between two systolic beats is known as the diastole as this is the time when space for receiving the blood in the heart is created.

A systolic reading of 120 mm/hg and a diastolic reading of 80 mm/hg is considered as normal or optimal blood pressure which is conducive to the normal functioning of the organ systems in the body. modern  medical science has yet to find a clear cause of hypertension, in such cases it is known as essential hypertension.  When high blood pressure is the result of some disorder elsewhere in the body like the diseased kidneys or the malfunctioning of the endocrine system it is known as secondary hypertension.

Age, heredity and the amount of salt intake in one’s daily diet also contribute to high blood pressure.  Since in most of the cases its causes remain elusive the treatment spans over the entire lifetime.  Some patients can show side effects  of such prolonged use of the drugs used for treating hypertension.

Thus in order to avoid these drug related complications the only mode of prevention of hypertension is  by managing the body weight, staying away from intake of excess salt in the diet, and avoiding smoking at all costs.  Active relaxation, a part of yoga for high bp, can provide immediate relief from high blood pressure in most of the patients.

Yoga for High BP

The patients of hypertension can benefit significantly from yoga for high B P.  Corpse pose or Savasana  is one of the  very effective yoga asanas for high blood pressure as it relaxes the mind through the nervous system which triggers the parasympathetic response within the body. 

Yoga for high blood pressure

Studies have found out that 80% of the diseases of the world have their origin in the mind; stress and the tensions being the main causes.  The techniques of yoga which induce  relaxation by decimating stress  are very effective in preventing as well as managing hypertension.  

One can also use some innovative ideas to relax on daily basis. Relaxation is the antidote to tension and stress in yoga.  In fact Yoga doesn’t have any local implications, it works on the overall health of the entire body, though some of its techniques  have more influence on certain conditions than others.

Yoga for high B P works by first ascertaining the mental and emotional aspects of the patient, and then slowly introducing attitude, behavior and lifestyle changes as hypertension treatment . Yoga for high blood pressure techniques like Vaman Dhauti help detoxify the blood of any toxins, especially its uric acid content. 

Simple breathing exercises help enrich the blood and the associated circulatory system with renewed prana which restores its normal functioning. The pranayama which form the part of yoga for high blood pressure require the attention to be maintained on the breath, this relieves the mind of any worries along with  strengthening the concentration power  of the patient. 

Easy to use  techniques to stop worrying have also shown good results. Arresting the thought process of the mind also helps relax the nervous system to a great extent, practicing Mantra Yoga can easily evoke this response, mantra can lower blood pressure

Yoga for high BP  puts equal emphasis on the diet as a prevention for hypertension.   A low protein, low fat,  vegetarian meals  taken at regular intervals, diet low on spices and salt, no tobacco,  no alcohol, consumption of more raw vegetables and fruits , and no canned food can help manage hypertension on its own.  

One must also eliminate food items which encourage formation of the uric acid from the diet is another healthy measure as a prevention of hypertension.   Regularly practicing yoga asanas for reducing blood pressure also help one to over come one’s  unfounded fears along with infusing the practitioner with truckloads of faith, both are potent weapons in preventing as well has healing hypertension.

Yoga Asanas for High Blood Pressure

Adhomukhasvan Asana


Sunyaka Pranayama


Ujjayi Pranayama




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