How to Increase Confidence with yoga? Poses to Gain Self Esteem

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Yoga for increasing self confidence:

Self-esteem is being conscious of one’s self-worth; or how valuable one is to certain situations, or life in general. Self-confidence is different; it is the feeling of surety in one’s ability to achieve a set goal, or to be able to successfully achieve the task at hand.

Individuals can have task specific self-confidence, but  display low confidence in general or it can be vice versa. Yoga for increasing self confidence work to enhance the overall self esteem of the individual.

Self confidence boosts the overall health of the individual.  The physiological aspect of confidence are  a balanced mind,  healthy blood flow and  balanced, even flow of energy ( prana) within the entire body.  It’s a state of physical & mental homeostasis.   The mind becomes focused, bereft of any doubts, and thus relaxed.  

Confidence comes from the right  kind of knowledge, ignorance breeds doubt, sadness and gloom. The feelings of happiness, warmth, compassion, and love  have their roots in self-confidence.  Most of us live in the limited boundaries of potential;  self-confidence breaks open the limitations and  places one in the center  of  uninhibited swathes of possibilities.

As per Yogic philosophy of prana with its manifestations, and implications in the material world the human body holds energy in concentrated form at seven points which are situated linearly along the length of the spine. These energy spots,  or chakras,  has their physical manifestation in the form of a complex of nerves coming together and forming a dense mesh of neurons at the location of presence of that chakra.  

The seven chakras influence the being at emotional, spiritual,  physical and mental levels. The self confidence is related to the quality of energy within the third chakra, or the Manipuri chakra located in the proximity of the navel region within the abdomen.  An imbalance in the energy of this chakra, which is also known as solar chakra is indicated by the presence of digestive problems,  fatigue, eating disorders, and  diseases like diabetes.  Lack of motivation, and an inability to conquer addictions are other  indicators of a weak solar plexus, or Manipura chakra.

The general question which all students present at any self-improvement class  have in their minds is,  how to build self confidence ?  because all the other aspects of self-improvement derive their  drive  form self-confidence.  Confidence is  similar to stability which leads to concentration of the divergent energy of the mind on a single goal, an aspect which  feels like a souring feeling of trust in one’s ability to achieve the set task. 

How to increase confidence with yoga?

The first thing the yoga for increasing self -confidence does to  oneself is that it  enhances the fitness quotient of the body.  A fit, and healthy body feels good.  The yoga asana tone the muscles of the body by properly exercising them.  Toned muscles improve the look of the body which males one feel good, this feeling of being well  on experiences within oneself is the bases for an improved self-confidence. 

Boost up your confidence with Yoga,

Practicing yoga asana and meditation  to gain self-confidence along with pranayama infuses the body with fresh oxygen which invigorates the mind,  uplift the spirits, or add more life to  just being alive. The desire to live is again an indicator of an elevated self-confidence.  Yoga poses to build confidence and inner strength  makes one aware of one’s limitations, and also to make peace with them. 

The mind becomes more receptive of what one perceives as one’s shortcomings. This helps relieve any anxiety  related to the same.  A separate category of Yoga  which cultivates acceptance release one from the pain which emanate from illogical comparisons with others.   The mind thus relieved of the unwanted weight gains clarity and confidence.  

A stressed mind is low in confidence, yoga changes the way one responds to the external stressors   quarantining one from the related toxic stress . The feeling of confidence emerges and fills the space   within the mind which is freshly vacated by the outgoing stress.  

Yoga benefits by helping all the organ systems work to their full potential, within a healthy body resides a healthy mind beaming with confidence.   Yoga encourages practicing yoga asanas with mindfulness. Mindfulness makes one more aware of one’s body and mind in general. The more one knows oneself , the  more comfortable one becomes with the way one is which helps boost personal confidence level.  

A lot of low confidence is connected to the way we have been  brought up in the past.   One’s subconscious mind is the storehouse of the inputs which have been received in the past as one was growing up. In case these inputs, value systems, experiences, and contacts with other people, have been not very pleasant or positive it may affect one’s self esteem later on in life.

One can develop self-esteem with yoga as yoga is a potent means to enter one’s subconscious mind.  Our attitudes and habits are all stored in the sub conscious mind which provide color the actions we take through our conscious mind.   With yoga one can not only experience the subconscious mind but with persistent practice one can rewire its structure, and cleanse it off all the negativity  which was festering in there since years. 

Yoga for Increasing Self Confidence



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